Documenting Problems in Windows 10 - Steps Recorder

When trying to convey a computer problem to the CAE Helpdesk or other support personnel, the Problem Steps Recorder is an excellent means of detailed communication.

The Steps Recorder is a useful way to convey a computer issue that you are having to appropriate support personnel. It is used to document an error that is occurring by recording the step-by-step process that leads up to it. The Steps Recorder is a hidden process in Windows 10, so the easiest way to access it is by opening up the Start Menu in the lower-left hand corner of the Taskbar, and typing "psr" into the Search Bar.  

A program called "Steps Recorder" will appear in the Program Listing as shown below. Click on it to open Steps Recorder.

A toolbar will appear on the screen, which is the Steps Recorder (as pictured below). The toolbar will provide a few options: Start/Pause Record, Stop Record, and Add Comment. To start the recording session, click the Start Record button on the toolbar. When you do, the application interface changes slightly, to indicate that it's recording.

Now, you step through the things you did that caused the issue you're trying to report. Along the way, as you click on things, you'll see an orange circle appear below the mouse pointer, indicating that Steps Recorder has taken note of that step. If you get to a particularly important part, you can click on the "Add a comment" option in the toolbar. Adding a comment will allow you to highlight an area of interest. A text box will also appear so you can write a comment about the step.

When you're done, click Stop Record. Steps Recorder will prompt you to save a ZIP file. Choose a convenient location to save it and you will then be able to email the file to the entity that's going to provide the help.

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