Renewing Linked Accounts

Details the steps to renewing an account linked to your primary CAE account
Many faculty and staff members have CAE accounts that are separate from but linked to the primary account.  Some examples of this are a role-based account shared by a number of people within a research group or department or a collaborator account to allow an outside colleague access to your resources through the College firewall.  These accounts all require validation at least annually, to confirm that they are still being used.

These accounts can now be renewed by the person to whom they are linked.  This is particularly useful when you have a number of these accounts.  Here's how:
  1. Log into Be sure you log in using your own account and not the linked one you are trying to renew.
  2. Go to the Account Details section of Account Information renew1.png
  3. You will see a section in the first table called Linked Accounts.  Linked Account examples
  4. Accounts that require renewal will be followed by a link that says "renew" (see above).  Accounts that do not need validation will say "active."
  5. Click the "renew" link.  You will see a new message at the top of the Account Details section confirming that the account will continue.  Example of renewal success
  6. You have renewed the account.  That's all there is to it. You can continue to other account management tools, or log out.
If there are accounts that should be linked to yours but are not, please let us know at

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