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The JIRA dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to JIRA. It can be configured to display many different types of information, depending on your areas of interest. This document will help you create a new dashboard.

  1. Open a web browser and log into JIRA
  2. Click on the down arrow next to Dashboards, found on the upper left corner of your screen.

    JIRA Menu Bar Select Dashboard

  3. A drop-down menu will appear, select Manage Dashboards.

    Jira Dashboard dropdown menu selection Manage Dashboards option

  4. On the upper right, click on Create new dashboard. You will be led to the following screen:

    Create New Dashboards form

  5. Give your Dashboard a Name and Description.

  6. You can choose to Start From a blank dashboard or click on the dropdown arrow to select a favorite dashboard to copy. To favorite existing dashboards, please see DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Searching for Dashboards

  7. Favorite star is defaulted to gray, or "selected". If you click on the star, it will become white and outlined in gray or "deselected". Your favorite dashboard will be easily accessible when the gray star is enabled. Disabling the gray star will mean you will have to search for your dashboard by name.

  8. Viewers field defaults to Not shared.

  9. Add Viewers field: Manipulating this field AND clicking on the button will update the Viewers field. Leaving this field as-is means this dashboard can only be accessed by you. Viewing options include Group, Project, Any logged-in user, and Public.

    Select granularity of viewers

    1. Any logged-in user: By selecting Any logged-in user and clicking on the  +  button, your dashboard will be made visible to all users in all projects in this JIRA instance. Your dashboard's list of Viewers will update as highlighted below. If you change your mind about your selection, click on the trash can icon.

      detail Any logged in user

    2. Group: By selecting Group, a JIRA User Group that has been created by JIRA super Admins will appear in a dropdown menu. Select the name of the group with which you'd like to share your dashboard and click the button. Note how the Shares field above is updated. If you change your mind about your selection, click on the trash can icon.

      If the group you want to share this dashboard does not appear in the dropdown menu, contact the JIRA Project Lead to which that group pertains. The Project Lead can then email to request that you be added as a member of the group which you'd like to share your dashboard.

    3. Project: By selecting Project, a dropdown menu will appear. Select the name of the JIRA Project you'd like to share on your dashboard. Projects that use role-based permissions will have an additional drop-down menu appear. Selecting All will allow everyone in that JIRA project to access your dashboard. Selecting a specific role (e.g. Project Administrators, Project Users (Full), etc.) allows everyone in that role access to your dashboard. Click on the + button. Note how the Viewers field is updated. If you change your mind about your selection, click on the trash can icon.

      Select specific JIRA project

  10. Finally, click on the Update button to save your changes.

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