My Scholarships@UW-Madison - Application Question FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the 'Questions' tab for the application process

How do I save my responses?

As you navigate within the application, your responses will be saved. To ensure you are saving your work, click either the 'Back' or 'Next' buttons to save your progress. Your responses will be saved for the future work once you log out and log back in.

Can I go back and edit my responses once they're saved?

If you have not yet submitted your application, you may go back to the ‘Questions’ tab of the application to edit your responses. Once you submit your application, you may not go back.


Can my response be longer than the listed max number of words?

No. An error will pop-up and you will not be able to save your response. You must revise your response to not exceed the maximum number of words.


What If I forget to answer a required response?

You are not able to submit your application unless all required responses are answered. An error message will pop-up in the event you hit the submit button and a required response is left unanswered.


What counts as a word?

            The prompt box counts anything in between spaces as a word. This includes single letters and numbers.


I am used to placing one space in between words and 2 after a sentence. If I type my response like this, will it affect my word count?

No, the number of spaces in between words will not affect word count. For example, if a space =  _ , then [the _ house] and [the _ _ house] will both count as two words.


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