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JEMS CHRIS - HR basic introduction and navigation of JEMS CHRIS - HR.

  • This document applies only to UW-Madison. Users from other campuses should refer to documentation intended for their campuses.

Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: University Staff Ongoing (CP), University Staff Project (CJ), and University Staff Temporary Employees (TE).
Audience: Department and Division staff who create JEMS CHRIS-HR transactions.
Overarching Process: High-level overview of how to navigate the JEMS CHRIS-HR.


NOTE:   There is also a To the Top link at the end of each section.


To log into any JEMS portal, users should access the JEMS homepage. From the JEMS homepage there are login buttons for users. If you are not sure what your level of security is, contact your Division HR office.

JEMS Homepage CHRIS HR Login Button

 Step Field Action
 1 JEMS Homepage Access the JEMS homepage - https://uwservice.wisconsin.edu/hrs/jems/
 2 JEMS CHRIS or JEMS CHRIS- HR Click on the JEMS CHRIS - HR login button

JEMS CHRIS - HR Login Window

JEMS CHRIS HR Login Screen

 Step Field Action
 1 Login Screen Enter your Username and Password
 2 Connect Click on Logon or  Connect

The Main menu is the starting point for all transactions in JEMS CHRIS - HR. Users should familiarize themselves with each area on the main menu screen. Consult with your manager to determine what features you will use in your role and responsibilities.

JEMS CHRIS HR Main Menu with numbers

 Section Description
 1 HR Transaction Type section is used to create or search for specific transactions (all used except reallocation)
 2 Search for transactions in process or those that require action by the user (can set up default UDDS in section 6)
 3 Search for a specific HR transaction or search the database
 4 Complete the hire process for HR Transactions
 5 Create a new HR Package or copy from an existing HR Transaction
 6 Edit your default UDDS for section 2 or some PD default values
 7 Exit CHRIS
 8 JEMS CHRIS - HR menu (e.g. submit, approve, error checking, etc.)

JEMS CHRIS - HR Window Menu 
  • JEMS CHRIS-HR takes advantage of a menu bar at the top of the various screens. The design mimics the standard menu layout of Windows-based applications; e.g., Edit contains Create New, Save, Print, and Exit, among other options; Window displays all windows that are open and is helpful in locating windows that are hidden or minimized. The sub-menus have some standard selections and some selections unique to JEMS CHRIS - HR.
  • The various options are available depending on the screen that is displayed, the authorization of the person logged on, and the status of a given record. Active selections in menus are in black fond, while inactive selections are in a dull gray color. 
  • System users should familiarize themselves with the various selections.


CHRIS HR File Menu

File Drop-down

CHRIS HR Window _ File

 Option Description
 New Blank HR Transaction Opens a new blank HR Transaction
 Save Saves the current data (only available on the HR Transaction and Edit Profile screens).
 Print HR Package Opens the print screen which has option to print reports (only available on the Search Results or HR Transaction screens).
 Cancel w/o Saving HR Pkg Cancels the HR Package without saving any of the information (will only cancel if the transaction has not been saved yet).
 Close Window Closes the current screen.
 Exit CHRIS Closes all windows in the HR Transaction.

Edit Drop-down

JEMS CHRIS HR Edit drop down

 Option Description
 Edit HR Transaction Opens the PD in edit mode if you are authorized to make edits, otherwise it will open in view only mode.
 Copy HR Transaction Opens the Copy feature (only available on the Search Results or PD Package screens).
 Delete HR Transaction Deletes the PD Package from JEMS CHRIS and JEMS CHRIS - HR (only available on the Search Results or HR Transaction screens).
 Edit/Display CHRIS Position Vacancy record Allows the user to access the associated JEMS CHRIS position vacancy - for authorized personnel only.
 Edit Profile Opens the edit profile screen associated with the user logged on (only available on the Search Results or HR Transaction screens).
 Cut Allows users to cut highlighted text in the HR Transaction screens.
 Copy Allows users to copy highlighted text in the HR Transaction screens.
 Paste Allows users to paste highlighted text in the HR Transaction screens. 

*If copying text from an external source, (e.g., Microsoft Word), use the (copy) ctrl + c and (paste) ctrl + v keyboard functionality. Watch for character limits for fields along with reviewing apostrophe's in when copying from external sources - they sometimes copy as a question mark.

Actions Drop-down

JEMS CHRIS HR Actions drop down

 Option Description
 Submit HR Transaction Submit the PD Package to the Department/ Division HR for approval (available only when the the HR Transaction is in draft status/edit mode).
 Approve HR Transaction Approves the PD Package to the Division HR/ C&T office for additional verification and approval (available only in edit mode for PD Package not in draft status).
 Approve Project Position Justification Not used
 Reject HR Transaction Rejects the PD Package to the previous level of approval (only available in edit mode).

Tools Drop-down

JEMS CHRIS HR Tools drop down

 Option Description
 List My HR Transactions Search for users HR Transactions
 Search All HR Transactions Search all HR Transactions
 Search Transactions By Keyword Search Transactions by Keyword
 Error Check Entire HR Transaction Check the HR Transaction for errors (the system has behind the rules based on business process and policies)
 Spell Check Spell check individual cells
 Projects for UDDS (OHR only) lists all the Project (Fixed Term Finite) position for a UDDS
 LTE Tracker (OHR only) system developed in 2006 that was used to identify the function of all existing LTEs (no longer used).
 Compare HR Transactions Search and Compare two HR Transactions
 Add Email Contacts Add people who have access to JEMS to an email distribution list (e.g. funding contacts)
 Add/Update Employee Unit Delegated Titles (OHR only) table used to allow delegation of titles to certain divisions
 Appointment ID Search By Name Lookup to find all jobs by a person’s name and provide possible link to their PD if it exists in the system (rarely used)
 FPM Crew Maintenance (FP&M only) Table used for identifying Crew locations for job postings
 Miscellaneous Reports (OHR only) static reports for hire data information
 Underutilized Titles (OHR/OED only) identifies titles that are underutilized by OED and require a REP to be filled out for a job posting


There are different tabs that are used to organize and record HR Transaction data. Below is a high-level overview of what each tab is used for.


 Tab Description
 Page 1 HR Transaction General Information is entered on this tab (e.g., UDDS, Title, Rate Range, Supervisor information).
 Page 2 More HR Transaction General Information is entered on this tab (e.g., Working title, appointment type, job address, transaction contact information, work details, application requirements).
 Essential Justification This tab is used to indicate if the position is GPR/Tuition funded. 
 Goals and Activities Goals and activities for the position are entered on this tab.
 Knowledge and Skills Knowledge and Skills needed or preferred of the position are entered on this tab.
 Org Chart The organizations chart is entered on this tab (Org Charts are not required for TE appointments).
 REP This tab is used to enter and update proposed recruitment methods.
 Comments Comments regarding the HR Transaction are added on this tab.
 Exclusions No longer used, do not enter anything on this tab.
 History This tab indicates the full history of the transaction.
 *Reclass Details This tab allows users to request changes (permanent or temporary) to a position. 
 *TE Applicant This tab is used to enter in the selected candidate hiring information.
 *TE Applicant History This screen is for information and should not be modified.

NOTE: Tabs with an asterisk (above) will only appear for specific HR Transactions.

Other JEMS CHRIS HR Business considerations.
  • Business Rules - The application enforces business rules and supports the general workflow for PD and position vacancy processing. 
  • The UDDS on Page 1 must be filled in and the HR Transaction must be saved before any of the other tabs are navigable.
  • The screens in the PD system are designed to display discrete functions or logical groups of data related to the PR process. Each tab represents one of those logical groups. In some cases, those groups have a large amount of data that is broken into multiple screens.
  • Saving data on the Edit Profile and PD screens is done in multiple ways. 
    • Select SAVE under the file drop-down in the window menu bar.
    • Click the SAVE button where available. 
    • Clicking onto a different tab automatically does a save. 
    • Closing the window or exiting the system automatically does a save.
  • There are several ways to close out of windows and the system.
    • Select CLOSE WINDOW in the file drop-down in the window menu bar. 
    • Click the "x" in the top right corner of a an opened window. If the window is the last PD window open, you will be prompt ted to acknowledge that you want to exit JEMS CHRIS - HR.
    • Select EXIT PD System in the file drop-down in the window menu bar to close out of JEMS CHRIS - HR. 
    • Note - error checks are done whenever closing a window where data can be entered.

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