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This knowledgebase document provides an overview on how to search for HR Transactions.

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Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: University Staff Ongoing (CP), University Staff Project (CJ), and University Staff Temporary Employees (TE).
Audience: Department and Division staff who create JEMS CHRIS-HR transactions.
Overarching Process: High-level overview of how to search for HR Transactions in the JEMS CHRIS-HR.


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There are several reasons in which users search for HR Transactions in JEMS CHRIS-HR. They include:

  • Searching for HR Transactions for their department or division,
  • Reviewing transactions in process for their department or division,
  • Approving or rejecting transactions in process for their department or division, or
  • Searching for HR Transactions to copy/create new HR packages.


In the Edit/View HR Transaction section of the JEMS CHRIS-HR main menu screen users can search for one specific transaction by entering in the TRAN ID and click a) edit HR Tran, b) view HR Tran, or c) search all HR Transactions. If you don't have the Trans ID click on Search All HR Transactions button.


Search Tab
The Search Tab allows users to do a basic search of transactions. Users must select at least one of the options at the top. Users can add a title or UDDS to narrow their search. 


 Type  Description
 Mine  HR Transactions initiated by the logged in user
 Proxied to Me  HR Transactions where the user logged on has been named a back-up (this is set-up in Edit Profile)
 Draft  HR Transactions that are in draft status and have not be submitted
 Under HR Review  HR Transactions in HR Review status
 Approved  HR Transactions that have been approved
 Filled Positions HR Transactions that been filled and are in HRS

Advanced Search Tab
The Advanced Tab allows users to specify their searches even more.

JEMS CHRIS HR Advanced Search

Search Results Tabs
Once a search has been executed, users can view the results by Department or by Type (Advanced Search tab is the default).
  • Users can view more information below the compiled results in the lower part of the results screen.
  • Users can edit, view, display/print, or copy HR Transactions by clicking on the check box to the left of a transaction and then selecting the desired action.
  • If the user does not have edit ability for the transaction, it will open the transaction in view only mode.

JEMS CHRIS HR Search Results Tab

 Action  Description
 Edit HR Tran  Opens the HR Transaction in edit mode (if the transaction is not available to edit or the user doesn't have authority to edit it, the HR Transaction will open in view only mode).
 View HR Tran  Opens the HR Transaction in view mode (users cannot make changes to the transaction in view mode).
 Display/Print HR Tran Documents  Allows the logged in user to print some information from the HR Transaction (e.g. organizational chart, position description).
 Copy HR Tran to New Tran  Allows the logged in user to copy another HR Transaction in JEMS CHRIS-HR and use to create a new HR Transaction.
 Refresh Query  Refresh the results page. 

Users can quickly search for transactions that require action assigned to them or transactions in process in the List My Unit's HR Transactions section of the JEMS CHRIS-HR main menu screen. Before using this section, all users must add their UDDS to their profile in the edit profile feature. Follow the steps below.


 Step  Instruction
 1  Select one or more HR Transaction Types
 2  Click on the Transactions I Must Review/Approve or Transactions in Process button
 3  The search results window will appear. Select the checkbox next to HR Transaction and click the action button at the bottom of the results page.

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