Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) – DoIT Number Not in Selection List

When using the Pre-Posting Allocation Tool, a DoIT number will not show in the authorized list with transactions or the selection drop down list if there are no invoice(s) associated with them.


    If you have clicked the "Show All Authorized DoIT Numbers With Transactions", and there are no invoice(s), you will see an empty invoice summary grid as shown below.



    A blank invoice summary grid will be retuned in several situations:

    Transactions locked and posted to SFS

    Transactions are locked and submitted to SFS on the 15th and 5th of every month. Transactions which have been posted to SFS will no longer appear in PAT. 

    No invoices associated with specific DoIT number

    You will not be able to enter a specific DoIT number. If there are invoices to show, and you are authorized for the UDDS, the DoIT number will be in the drop down list for you to select. Clicking on any of the 3 buttons will not result in any action, because there are no invoices for you to view.

    Transactions not posted due to recent purchase

    If you have made the purchase very recently or the items ordered are on backorder, you may not have been invoiced for these purchased and the transactions would not appear in PAT.

    If you still believe you should see an invoice

    You can verify that you are authorized to view charges on the UDDS associated with the DoIT number at the DoIT Numbers website.

    DoIT Numbers website

    On the red ribbon, click SEARCH and begin typing the DoIT number. The app will dynamically search for that number. If SEARCH is not on the red ribbon, you do not have access to create/update DoIT numbers. For assistance contact and include your NetID and UDDS

    More Information

    See all Pre-Posting Tool documents in the Knowledge Base.

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