Cheat Sheet (w/ screenshots) for Initial Reviews in ARROW

Instructions for IRB Members

IRB Member Workspace
Role in the System
After you log in, there will be a gold box on the left side of the page.  This box indicates your current ROLE in the ARROW system.  To change roles, click on the non-bolded role.  **Remember to make sure you are in the IRB Member role when you are performing an initial review**

Inbox: Initials Tab
This tab will contain any initial review applications that you are required to review for an upcoming meeting.

Inbox: PRS and Other Tab
This tab will contain any additional item that requires your review for an upcoming meeting (Continuing Review, Reportable Event or Change of Protocol)

Inbox: All Tab
This tab will contain all the information contained in Inbox: Initials Tab and Inbox: PRS and Other Tab (e.g. anything regardless of submission type that you are assigned for an upcoming meeting).


Upcoming Meeting Workspace
Upcoming Meetings Tab
This tab displays upcoming meetings for which you've confirmed you will be attending.  This tab also allows you to access the agenda and other IRB meeting materials for a particular meeting.  If you click on an upcoming meeting, you will enter the Meeting Workspace:

The bread crumb trail at the top will show what meeting space you are in (for example, this is a picture of the 3/29/2010 meeting space).  The gold box will show the "state" the meeting is in (Meeting Materials Sent indicates the agenda is drafted and all meeting materials have been sent to IRB members).  You can also print off your copy of the "open" and "closed" agenda.  The "open" agenda has any items discussed in open session and the "closed" agenda has any items discussed after the vote has been taken to move the meeting into closed session (this is usually the agenda most pertinent to IRB members).

IRB Submission Workspace
Below is a picture of an IRB Submission Workspace for an initial review (which we got to by clicking on the study's name under the Inbox: Initials Tab).  You can always tell which workspace you are in by looking at the bread crumb trail (near the top of the page).
This study workspace is where you will be printing off the reviewer checklist.  After printing the reviewer checklist, you can use the View Application button to access the Initial Review SmartForm and view the Initial Review application in ARROW.  The History tab shows a complete log of all the actions that have occurred on a study, including who did what and when things happened.

Initial Review SmartForm
After clicking on the View Application button, you will be in the Initial Review SmartForm (the electronic Initial Review Application).  Here you may use the Jump To menu to navigate the SmartForm and jump to any section of the SmartForm.  there is also a Continue button all the way to the right of the page which will allow you to page through each page of the Initial Review SmartForm in order.  **NOTE** Do NOT use the BACK button in your browser to move around the application.  Use only the Jump To menu or the Continue button.
When you are in the Initial Review SmartForm, you may see a reviewer notes bar at the top of the page.  If you click on the reviewer note, you will be able to see the entire staff note/comment and response from the study team as well (although you shouldn't need to look too much at the reviewer notes--they are documentation of the back and forth converstations between staff reviewer and study team that take place prior to presenting a protocol to the IRB Committee for initial review).

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  • Questions about a specific protocol

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