Deadline for Submitting Work After an Incomplete (I) Grade

The following sections explains the deadline and the steps an L&S undergraduate student needs to take in order to satisfy the work for an Incomplete grade.

What is the deadline for turning in work if a student received an Incomplete in a class?

If an instructor agrees to grant a student an Incomplete (I) in a class, the student has until the end of the fourth week of the classes of the student's next semester/term in residence (this does not include summer) to submit the required work.  An instructor can decide to require an earlier deadline for submitting work.  In other words, an instructor can set an earlier deadline for completing all required work for a course if a grade of incomplete is granted to a student.  Students should make sure they speak with their instructor about expectations for completing course work and have a clear understanding of the deadline for submitting unfinished work.
  • The Incomplete deadline is the same as the pass/fail and 50 percent tuition refund deadlines (unless the instructor sets an earlier deadline).
  • If a student has not submitted the work for an incomplete to the instructor by the end of the fourth week of classes of the student's next semester/term in residence on the UW-Madison campus, the grade will lapse into a failure.
  • A student does not need to be currently enrolled at UW-Madison in order to make up the work needed to remove an Incomplete (I) grade from their records.
  • Incompletes will not lapse prior to the end of the sixth week in the semester/term in order to allow instructors time to submit the final grade for work completed.
  • If a grade for an incomplete is not submitted electronically (or via the non-roster grade change for a student who does not appear on your roster or has an extended incomplete) by the end of the sixth week of the semester, the Incomplete will lapse to a grade of "F".
  • Instructors may, on occasion, grant a student additional time to complete work required to remove the grade of Incomplete.    In such cases, the instructor will submit a non-roster grade change  to change the student's grade from an I to an EI.  
    • Extended Incompletes (EI) must be removed and replaced with the final grade by the last day of classes or the EI will lapse into an "F".
  • Any grade change submitted via a paper/PDF Grade Change Request will not be accepted.  All grades must be submitted via the instructor's Faculty Center or a non-roster grade change e-Form if the student does not appear in the Faculty Center or an instructor is submitting a change from an incomplete grade to an Extended Incomplete (EI).
  • Questions about submitting a grade change can be directed to L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services at or 608/262-0617.

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