DARS - Nothing seems to happen when I click to view a DARS Audit


This article explains how to solve the problem of nothing seeming to happen when you're trying view a DARS report from the page for viewing your requests.


It may sometimes seem that nothing happens when you attempt to view a DARS report.

Possible Causes

This problem is generally seen when you have opened DARS in multiple browser windows or tabs in your web browser. Though it may seem like nothing is happening when you click an icon to view a DARS report, in some cases the DARS report is actually being displayed in a previously opened window or tab.

Example: If you have your Audit Report Results page open in one window/tab and another window/tab has a single degree audit document that you had previously viewed, and you forget you have DARS open and open a new window/tab, then you will likely see nothing happen when you click to view a new degree audit because the previously opened window/tab updated rather than opening a new window/tab.



If you click to see a DARS report from the View Audits page in one window/tab while a DARS report was already being displayed in another window/tab, you have to switch to the original window/tab in order to see the audit you just chose to display.

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