IWS - Applying for access to see or interact with Workload Automation

How to get access to use IWS via GUI

IBM's integrated GUI is their Dynamic Workload Console or "DWC". WebAdmin is a third party software GUI to view DoIT's IWS. You will need to have an account on Karma or Kiddo (IWS Master) in order to view the schedules, reports, workstations, etc. This account is a user account only and will only be needed for either GUI.

The method to have an account set up on Karma (Production) or Kiddo (Non-Prod) is the following;

  1. Contact the Workload Automation team admins, using this e-mail address: wa_support@g-groups.wisc.edu
  2. Give them your name, NetID, team you are on, and which server you need access to (Prod or non-prod)
  3. We will set you up quickly, usually the same day - and then e-mail you back when ready.

More details for the Security Access request: (as of Nov 2022)

IWS changed it’s security from local security polity to Active Directory when we upgraded to v10.1 and moved to Linux Servers

  •  Active Directory (AD) provides Login authentication for IWS DWC as well as our Third Party Gui interface called webadmin.
  • Active Directory is managed by the UW Identify Access Management (IAM) Team, system wide and uses NetID and password.
  • Once the new Access request comes in to the IWS Admin team - the user has to be added to the proper Prod and/or Dev “Manifest” Service Group for the IWS DWC Access.
  • Next, we need to add them to the IWS Security file manually, and know which team they are a part of (this allows them access to just their Team’s servers)
  • And finally, they need to be added manually to WebAdmin for either Prod and/or Non-Prod Masters, again by proper TEAM. This is done by a IWS Admin only.


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