Grade Change Policy for L&S Undergraduate Students

The following section concerns L&S policy regarding grade changes for L&S undergraduate students.

In accordance to current faculty policy and in an effort to maintain both equity and consistency, final semester grades can be changed only because of  "clerical error".  Students cannot (should not) petition to improve a course grade by offering to rewrite a paper, turn in additional work, or retake a final exam.  The only exception would be if:

  1. the option to improve a grade is available to all students in a given course, and
  2. this option is stated explicitly in the course syllabus.
Each department should also have a procedure for reviewing grade changes on a regular basis.

The following items are important for the efficient and accurate processing of grade changes:
  1. Any instructor with the ability to submit grades can also make electronic grade changes.
  2. Information on how to make grade changes electronically can be found at grading FAQs and  e-grade changes.
  3. If an electronic grade change is not possible, the department will need to submit a grade change form with the new grade.   Paper grade changes are only allowed for students that do not appear on the grade roster.  All other grade changes must be done electronically through the grade rosters on the instructor's My UW Madison.
  4. If a student does not appear on the grade roster for a course, the grade change form will need to be submitted to L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services in 110 Ingraham Hall for any L&S undergraduate student only.   Students cannot deliver their own grade change form for processing.
    • Grade change forms for other UW-Madison undergraduate students who are not pursuing their undergraduate studies in the College of Letters & Science will need to have the grade change form sent to the appropriate academic dean's unit in the student's home school/college.  
    • More detailed information about grade changes can be found at grading FAQs.
  5. Grade change forms must be completely filled out with all pertinent information.  Incomplete forms will not be processed but will be returned to the department for completion.
  6. The instructor of the course must sign the form.
  7. The Chair of the department (or the Chair's designee) must also countersign the form. 
  8. Staff in L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services will determine if the grade change will affect a student's academic status (e.g., placing a student in dropped status, or altering the probationary status of the student).  If the grade change affects the student's academic status, the form will be forwarded to a member of the Academic Dean's staff for review and appropriate action.
  9. Appeals of final grades must be initiated within the semester immediately following the term in which the course is taken.
Contact the L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Office/Student Academic Affairs with further questions:
Phone: (608) 262-0617

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