Quality of Work Requirements for L&S Undergraduates

The following section is concerned with the L&S undergraduate quality of work requirements.
A total of 120 degree credits is required for graduation, with a minimum 2.000 grade point average (GPA) on all courses taken by L&S undergraduate students, whether or not each courses is passed.

The quality of work requirements establish a minimum grade point average in four (4) specific areas that must be met to receive an undergraduate degree from the College of Letters & Science.  In order to satisfy these requirements, a student must earn a minimum 2.000 grade point average on all courses carried at UW-Madison, whether passed or not, in the following four areas:
  1. All courses in the major (or majors);
  2. All upper-level courses in the major, as designated by the major department for the 15-credit residence requirement;
  3. All courses designated intermediate (I), intermediate/advanced (D), or advanced (A);
  4. All courses carried for a grade at UW-Madison (cumulative grade point average, as reported by the Registrar's Office).  Courses carried on a refresher basis are excluded from the grade point average as determined for categories 1, 2, and 3 above.  Repeating a failed course will not remove the failure from a student's record or from GPA calculations.  
Resources for Questions: 
L&S Academic Advising Services: 110 Ingraham, (608) 262-5858, advisingaas@ls.wisc.edu
L&S Student Academic Affairs: (608) 262-0617, lsdeans@saa.ls.wisc.edu 
Office of the Registrar: (608) 262-3811, registrar@em.wisc.edu

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