KB User's Guide - Stats Tab - Docs by Helpfulness Link and Scores

This document describes how to reset helpfulness scores for documents on your KB site.

Helpful/ Unhelpful Setting

Each time a user visits a KB document on the Live Site, there is an opportunity to indicate whether the document is Helpful or Unhelpful by clicking on the corresponding button within the "Feedback" section at the bottom of the document.


Should the user indicate that the document was not helpful, the number next to the Unhelpful button will reflect that.

After the Unhelpful button is clicked, some text will appear under the buttons, "Clicking on the tell us why link tell us why". The tell us why link leads ro a feedback form where the user can express the improvements they would like to see.


The Feedback form will go to the document author or KB Group Space owner.


Reset the Helpfulness Score for a Specific Month

Helpfulness scores are recorded both on the document itself and on the Stats tab. Navigate to KB Admin Tools > Stats tab > Docs by Helpfulness link > Documents by Helpfulness for [Current Year] Screen to see that screen.

The image below shows the Docs by Helpfulness link in the Stats tab navigation bar, as indicated by the red arrow.


If you do not see the Stats tab in the KB Admin Tools, contact your KB Group Admin and request access.

It is possible for users with specific permissions to reset the helpfulness scores for documents on a month-by-month basis by clicking on the score in a specific month. A pop screen will appear with the message, "Are you sure you want to reset both values to 0?". Click on the Cancel or OK as needed. Helpfulness scores will be reset to 0|0 for that month.

This can be useful in situations where documents are rewritten or undergo major revisions. By resetting helpfulness scores, KB administrators can determine whether the changes made to documents have resulted in an improved user experience.

Reset the Helpfulness Score By Year

Navigate to KB Admin Tools > Stats tab > Docs by Helpfulness link > Documents by Helpfulness for [Current Year] Screen. Helpfulness scores for all documents with votes recorded in the current year are displayed, broken down by document ID and month.

The Search and display filters above the score table allow you to search for a specific document, a specific list if documents, by topic or by year.

  1. To reset the year's or All years scores for a specific document, click on the appropriate link on the far right.  Carefully pick one of the two links:

    - This year
    - All years

    Upon clicking a link, you will be presented with a dialog box asking you to confirm that you wish to reset. Click OK to continue.

    The image below shows the links, This year and All years on the far right of the table, in a red box.


  2. To view information about who reset scores for a given month, year, all years and when they were reset, open the Comments and  Events at the bottom of the specific document.

  3. If you return to the document itself, the scores should be adjusted to reflect your reset.

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