[SMPH][HSLC] Connect my Mac to the MSAD file server

Mac users can connect to the MSAD file shares using the following steps.

If you use a Mac you can connect to the HSLC Windows file server, and access network shares.   Note that instructions are slightly different, if you are not connected to to the local ethernet network at the HSLC.  

Special steps:  If you are not connected to the HSLC local network, i.e., you are using wireless or are at home, you must install the WiscVPN client once, and then always authenticate to that first before you try to connect to file shares.  

Find instructions for installing WiscVPN here.   Every time you want to connect to the HSLC file shares, you must first launch WiscVPN and authenticate with your NetID and password.   Then proceed with the following:

You can connect to your departmental network folders (what PC users identify as their "M", "N", "V", or "W" drives) using your OS X Finder application.   

For example, to connect to the SMPH Shared Drive from Finder, click Go > Connect to Server and enter
smb://files.msad.hslc.wisc.edu/smph-shared in the server window.   Like this:


When prompted, enter your username and password


Here are the links for other connections you might need:

Ebling Shared drive


Your home directory folder (what the PC users call the "M" drive or "V" drive)
smb://files.msad.hslc.wisc.edu/homedir/<your account name>

Home Directory

Once connected, the folder will open up in Finder

Notice that the server address, files.msad.hslc.wisc.edu, appears under "Shared" in the Finder sidebar.   To disconnect from the server, just click the Eject button next to the server address.

To make a desktop alias (shortcut) to any network folder, select the folder in the Finder window, and while holding the Option and Command keys simultaneously, drag the folder to your desktop.

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