SIS/Service Indicators - Service Indicator Page Field Descriptions


This document defines the fields and buttons found on the Manage Service Indicators page.

Manage Service Indicators Page

The Manage Service Indicators page provides you the opportunity to add a service indicator to a student's record. You'll be able to take action to view, edit, or release existing service indicators.

Navigate to:

  • Student Records WorkCenter, Manage Service Indicators


  • > Campus Community > Service Indicators > Person > Manage Service Indicators

Manage Service Indicators Edit Fields View

Service Indicator Page Field Descriptions (Add/Edit/View)

The table below describes the fields and buttons found on the Service Indicators page.

table outlining field in SIS and its description

Field or Button


Institution Name of our institution.

Defaults to ‘UWMSN' for UW–Madison.

Service Indicator Code Type of service indicator placed on the student (e.g. adv, feb).

Type in code or select Look up button and select service indicator code. Look Up displays codes you have access to use.

Reason Further explanation of the service indicator.
  • Type in reason code or select Look up button and select desired service indicator Reason code.
  • The Service Indicator Code selected above determines the options in the Look Up Reason list.
  • Fee and Advisor service indicators Reason codes identify the office requesting placement of the service indicator.
Description Additional information usually indicating who to contact and impact on student based on service indicator Reason code.

You cannot edit this field; use Comments to make notes for yourself.

If the Description needs modifying, contact
Effect Impact service indicator has on student, ‘Negative Service Indicator’ or ‘Positive Service Indicator’.
Start Term Term in which the service indicator is activated.
  • Defaults to blank for enrollment-based service indicators.
  • If placing a service indicator to prevent enrollment,
    enter a Start Term (required).
  • If Start Term is entered and End Term is left blank, and the Services Impacted includes enrollment, the student will not be able to add, drop, or swap from the specified Start Term or any future term until the service indicator is Released.
  • A four-digit code representing century, year, and semester.
    Semesters are as follows: Fall=2, Spring=4, Summer=6.
    e.g. 1232=Fall 2022-2023, 1234=Spring 2022-2023. Type in term code or select Look up button to select desired term.
  • To view term and session begin and end dates, as well as deadlines, go here: Student Records WorkCenter, |Dean/Dept Processing|, Session Dates and Deadlines. 
End Term If you want to limit the number of terms this service indicator impacts the student, enter an End Term.
  • Defaults to blank.
  • Leaving End Term blank will impact the student from the Start Term through all future terms.
  • Entering an End Term will only impact the student from the Start Term through the specified End Term.
  • If you enter an End Term, you must eventually Release (delete) the service indicator so it is no longer visible in SIS and the MyUW Student Center.
Start Date Date the service indicator will take effect.
  • Defaults to current date for enrollment based service indicators.  It is recommended you use the current date.
  • The Start Date determines when the student will begin to view the service indicator in MyUW.

If a future date is used:

  • The service indicator will not hold enrollment until that date, regardless of what you have specified in Start Term.
    For example, if you place a service indicator with the Start Term as the current term and a future Start Date, nothing will be held for the current term until that Start Date is reached.
End Date If you want to limit the date range this service indicator impacts the student, enter an End Date. The service indicator will be effective through the end date. After that date, the service indicator expires.
  • Defaults to blank.
  • If you enter an End Date, you must Release (delete) the service indicator so it is no longer visible in SIS and the MyUW Student Center.
Department The Department responsible for the service indicator.

Fills in automatically after you enter service indicator Reason code.

Reference Optional free-form text field used by a few offices across campus to provide further detail about the service indicator. The student cannot see these comments; only visible to SIS users.
Amount Dollar amount of the fine(s).
  • Defaults to 0.00.
  • The dollar amount of zero does not indicate the fee has been paid.
  • Service indicators of $0.00 will hold services.
  • If a dollar Amount is entered, the student will see the amount.
Currency Currency in which the fee amount should be paid.

Defaults to ‘USD’ for U.S. Dollar.

Contact ID
Contact Person
Optional clarification on person (e.g., an advisor) or office the student needs to contact to clear the service indicator.
  • If desired, enter a Contact ID or use the Look up. The name associated with the ID will display in the Contact Person field.
  • If the contact person does not have an ID, manually enter the person’s name or office name in the Contact Person field following the standard name format of ‘Last,First’ (no space).
  • If you enter a Contact, the student will see this detail.
Placed Person ID Placed By Person who placed the service indicator.
  • Defaults to your ID and Name.
  • A different Placed Person ID can be entered using the Look up.
Placed Method
  (View/Edit page)
How the service indicator was placed on this record:
‘Manual’ or batch ‘Process’.
Placed Process
 (View/Edit page)
If the Placed Method = ‘Process’, the name of the process that placed this service indicator displays.
Release Process
(View/Edit page)
UW–Madison does not use this field.
Comments An optional memo field available for further explanation.
The student cannot see these comments; only visible to SIS users.
Services Impacted List of services that this service indicator impacts, including enrollment, transcript, etc.

The checked Basis-Date determines that a Start Date is required and a checked Basis-Term determines that a Start Term is required.

Service Indicator Date Time

Date and time the service indicator was entered.

User ID The User ID and name of the person who last updated this service indicator.
[Release] (delete)
(Edit page)

Select [Release] to delete the service indicator (and [OK]).

Note: The Release button only displays if you have security to remove that service indicator and you are in Edit mode.

 (save & close)
Select [OK] to save this record and close the page.
[Cancel] Select [Cancel] to cancel any changes you made to this record
or close the page without saving.
 (save & stay)
Select [Apply] to Save changes you made and stay on this record.

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