Bucky Backup Service - Terms of Use

This document describes the terms of service for DoIT's Bucky Backup service which offers a managed backup service to UW-Madison faculty, staff and departments.

Terms of Use

  1. Responsible Use
    1. Individuals using this service are required to:
      1. Follow the “Responsible Use of University of Wisconsin-Madison Information Technology Resources” policy located at http://cio.wisc.edu/policies-responsibleuse.aspx
      2. Protect the privacy and confidentiality of student, patient, employee and other institutional information, as required for example by FERPA (privacy of student information) described at http://registrar.wisc.edu/ferpa_overview.htm, and HIPAA (privacy of patient information) described at http://hipaa.wisc.edu/
      3. Understand the guidelines for storing and using Restricted Data as defined at http://www.cio.wisc.edu/security-initiatives-restricted.aspx
  2. Service Use

    Note: Bucky Backup is available mainly to UW-Madison faculty, staff and departments. 

    1. Bucky Backup Administrators will:
      1. Provide customers with high-quality management of their data
      2. Maintain backup servers and software
      3. Backup data according to management class selected by customer
      4. Monitor activity logs to determine if backups completed and email notifications if backups fail
      5. Acquire and manage storage resources and performance.
      6. Tabulate bills and issue them monthly
      7. Provide a website for customers to check bills, data storage and backups information
    2. Responsibilities of Bucky Backup Customers:
      1. Responsible for managing data which includes knowing what’s backed up and how much is stored (versions, amount and length of retention)
      2. Responsible for client install, client settings, and ensuring the scheduler is running and files are backed up (reviewing client logs)
      3. Responding to email notifications regarding missed backups and taking action if needed
      4. Reporting problems that require attention from Bucky Backup Administrators
      5. Notifying Bucky Backup Administrators when there are changes in contact information, billing, node information, schedules, and management classes by going to https://buckybackup.doit.wisc.edu/buckyadmin/change-cancel.php
      6. Responding to requests from Bucky Backup Administrators to update clients, change settings, or other requests
  3. Service Cancellation Policy:
    1. Bucky Backup Customers
      1. Customers will be allowed to terminate storage billing at any point simply by filling out and submitting a Change/Cancel form.  Removal requests may take several days to process depending on the amount of data stored and the number of requests in the queue (requests are generally processed in the order they are received)
      2. Billing will cease when all of the following conditions are met:
        1. DoIT has been provided with a Change/Cancel form
        2. Customer data has been removed from Bucky Backup prior to the end of the billing period
    2. DoIT
      1. In the event that DoIT determines the backup is being used inappropriately and/or impacting other customers or DoIT's ability to manage the backup systems, DoIT has the right to terminate service by providing 7 days notice to the customer contact
      2. Billing will cease when all customer storage has been removed from Bucky Backup

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