Bucky Backup Enterprise - Service Description

This document provides the service description for the Bucky Backup Enterprise service.

What is Bucky Backup Enterprise?

Bucky Backup Enterprise is an enterprise class managed backup solution, which utilizes IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager.  It provides the ability to backup, archive and restore data.

Bucky Backup Enterprise is designed for enterprise application data, mission critical data and other irreplaceable data.  It provides a high level of protection against data loss by using redundant, robust hardware.  All data stored in Bucky Backup Enterprise has a secondary copy in another location on campus.

DoIT provides service management through Bucky Backup administrators.

Who is eligible to use Bucky Backup Enterprise?

Universities of Wisconsin Madison faculty, staff, departments, research centers, as well as affiliates, are eligible to use this service.  Users must be able to provide billing information through a DoIT number or a UDDS (Invoice). 

What is the cost for Bucky Backup Enterprise?

Bucky Backup is billed monthly.  Billing is based on the amount of data stored.  There is no charge for input/output activity.  The current rate can be found at https://it.wisc.edu/services/backup-bucky-backup/.

Some ways to use Bucky Backup Enterprise

Bucky Backup provides an enterprise backup strategy for mission-critical data, enterprise data and other applications.

Service Availability of Bucky Backup Enterprise

Bucky Backup is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a defined weekly maintenance window every Monday afternoon from 1- 3PM.  All non-emergency outages will be preceded with an email to all customers and administrators two weeks prior.  Emails regarding emergency outages will also be sent with as much notice as possible.  If a specific portion of the service has an outage, emails will contain a list of your machines being affected.

Missed Backup Notification

Activity logs are monitored to determine if a machine has missed its scheduled backup.  If a node misses its scheduled backup email notifications are sent to administrators and customers unless they have opted out during registration.    

Further service information

Additional information about Bucky Backup can be found at https://it.wisc.edu/services/backup-bucky-backup/.   Specific documentation is available through the DoIT KnowledgeBase at http://helpdesk.doit.wisc.edu/search.php?q=bucky+backup.

Customizing Bucky Backup Enterprise

Bucky Backup provides the option to choose from several standard retention policies as part of the registration process.  However, if these options do not meet the customer’s data storage needs they can select to have a customized retention policy created.

Bucky Backup provides several options for backup schedules.  If the schedule options do not meet the customer’s needs they can request a modification through the Change/Cancel form https://buckybackup.doit.wisc.edu/buckyadmin/change-cancel.php.

Where to report problems/unavailability

Any problems should be reported to the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-4357 or send an email to help@doit.wisc.edu.

How to get started using Bucky Backup Enterprise

To register for Bucky Backup, please go to https://registration.buckybackup.doit.wisc.edu/form.

Once the registration form has been submitted the customer will receive an email confirmation that the node has been registered.  A second email will follow when the node is ready to use and a Bucky Backup Administrator has placed the node in a schedule.

If Bucky Backup Enterprise is unavailable, how will customers be informed?

Notifications are sent to all customers and their administrators via email for planned outages and emergency maintenance.  Unscheduled outages are posted on the Madison IT Outages site at http://outages.doit.wisc.edu/.

Continuity of Bucky Backup Enterprise in the event of an emergency or incident

In the event that Bucky Backup is impacted by an incident or emergency every effort will be made to restore service as soon as possible.  DoIT has prioritized its services into Tiers in case of emergencies.  Bucky Backup has a Tier 0 ranking which is considered a critical or fundamental service.

Contact Information

Contact the DoIT Help Desk or fill out the feedback form at https://it.wisc.edu/backup-contact-form/.

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