Campus Active Directory - Configure Microsoft Windows Cluster Computer Objects

Special Considerations for Configuring Microsoft Windows Clusters

When you create a new clustered service or application, a computer object for that clustered service or application is created in Active Directory by the computer object of the cluster itself.  Because the cluster computer object does not have the rights required to create computer objects it must have delegated rights to create computer objects or the computer objects must be prestaged for the service or application.

Prestaging the Cluster Service or Application Computer Objects

The recommended method of provisioning the clustered service or application is to prestage the computer object for the clustered service or application.
Using the steps outlined below the cluster administrator can create the cluster service or application computer object.


  • An active "OU Owner" user account
  • Remote Server Administration Tools for Active Directory management installed
  • Name of the Cluster computer object
  • Name of the Clustered service or application


  1. Click Start > Adminstrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. In the console tree, right-click the OU that you wish to create the computer object in
  3. Click New > Computer
  4. Type the name that you will use for the clustered service or application in the "Computer name:" field
  5. Next to the "User or group:" field click the "Change" button
  6. Enter the name of the cluster computer object user or group (i.e. the OU Owners group) and then click "OK"
  7. Click "OK" again to close the "New Object - Computer" dialog box

The Active Directory Users and Computers management tool should be used to create the computer object. See Active Directory - Remote Administration Tools


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