KB User's Guide - Home Tab - Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you take a quick temp of the activity on your KB Site at a glance. From the Home Tab, you may also update your user profile by clicking on the My Profile link. You may access KB Monthly Advisory Meeting Minutes from this screen, as well as your Internal/ or External site(s).

    When you click on the Home tab, by default, you will land on the Dashboard screen. The image below shows all the links on the Home tab: Dashboard, My Profile, Meeting Minutes and the Internal and External site links.

    Dashboard link in the left nav bar of the home tab

    There are various panels on the Dashboard screen with which you can interact.

    Document Count by Status for the Group

    The image below shows an image of the Document count for the KB User's Guide KB. The image shows all the documents by status (example: 340 documents are Active, etc.) Below the image is the same information, but in table form.

    graph and table of the counts of different document statuses

    If you hover over the image, a table will appear with the image listing the document count within each status. The image below shows the table appearing on the right side of the image.

    mouse hovering over graph image with a table tooltip displaying document status counts

    To edit the image for your purposes, you may remove statuses that you may not want to report. If you look at the image above, there are zero documents In Review and zero documents that are Expired. When you double-click on the a status, it will be removed from the image. The image below shows the same image, however, it does not show a bar line for In Review nor Expired.

    Document status count graph with out in-review or expired document bars

    Clicking on the hyperlinked numbers in the table will lead to:

    • Active - links to all active documents in your site.
    • In Review - leads to the Documents in Review screen
    • In Progress - leads to the Documents In Progress screen
    • Inactive - leads to the Inactive screen

    • Unreviewed for more than a year - leads to the Aging Documents screen

    • Expired - Leads to Expired Documents screen.

    Note: This table in the Home Tab reflects your actual document counts. If you have customized the document display in the Documents tab to show a specific subset of documents, that subset will not be reflected here. Please see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Customizing Search Filters and Table Columns for more information.

    My Documents Count by Status

    Lists the number of documents that you, yourself, own. Each link in the table below the image displays the number of documents which are Active, In Progress, In Review, Unreviewed for more than a year, Inactive and Expired and lead to each corresponding screen.

    The image below shows the number of documents the author of this document owns in the DoIT Help Desk KB, just 1.

    graph and table of the counts of different document status for an individual user

    Top Searches of the Year

    A visual representation of your searches, or a word cloud, will appear in this space. The image below shows the word cloud data for the KB User's Guide KB space. Below the image, you will see keywords with the number of searches in parentheses. For those who have access to the Stats tab, the See More... link will lead to the Top Searches screen in the Stats Tab.

    World cloud and list of words representing the top searches of the year

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