Non UW Student Hire Checklist

Steps needed to get non UW student on payroll and have access to campus systems for the job duties that will be needed to perform

I. Set up Payroll & Campus Access

  1. Get Student's date of birth, Social Security Number & full legal name.
  2. Get start date for employment
  3. Use data to create an appointment in HRS (even though student hire template does not require SSN to be entered, it needs to be entered to allow the Net ID to be generated and synched to the employment profile); this will generate an EMPL ID for the student
  4. Once the HRS appointment is created, return to HRS and edit student contact information to enter student's e-mail address so Affordable Care Act information can be sent to student hire
  5. On the student's first day on campus have the student get a Visitor Wiscard (they need a photo ID to get a wiscard, cannot get a wiscard until HRS profile is set up and it is on/after student's first date on payroll)
  6. Student needs to use campus ID number and DOB to activate their netID at the following website:
  7. Student needs to inform OSTFE staff of  Campus ID number for perimeter access to Middleton and Union South,  Net ID (not password) & e-mail address.
  8. Once a Net IDe-mail address have been generated, send credentials to DoIT at so they can add permissions for student to access OSTFE computers.

II. Set up Housing

2023 - UW-Housing for summer, in Phillips Hall,  Short term reserve a hotel room until summer housing is available if needed.

Before 2016 (As per current agreement between Union Hotel and OSTFE; The Wisconsin Union hotel in Union South provides a suite to the NODA intern for the summer in exchange for printing ad on back of student planner.  Email Jessica Johnson the dates of arrival & departure and student's name, so the room can be reserved)

III. Other To-Do Items Prior to Arrival

  1. Get student's preferred name (first & last) and order name tag through UW Sign Shop
  2. Intern needs to complete new hire survey
  • From survey get sizes for Polo & Jacket to add to staff order (Interns should received Black Polo's)
  • Prompt student to return W4 and Direct Deposit forms prior to campus arrival, so there will be no delays in the payroll process
  • Student needs to complete their portion of the I9 form and make sure to bring appropriate documents to complete process to campus
  1. Add funds to student's Wiscard account - submit completed Wiscard Departmental Request Form to, in the body of the e-mail send the name and campus ID of student(s) who need deposit on their card

IV. If On Campus Parking is Needed

OSTFE staff will need to contact Permit Administration Manager: Sue Thalacker with student's name and arrival date.

  • If there is student parking available for the current calendar year Sue will need to manually place student on list, since person is not a current UW student, the person cannot do this on their own.
  • Parking for student has limited availability
  • Students will need to pay for their own parking, unless otherwise negotiated
  • Parking passes are prorated from the date bought to the end of the parking year (August 31) if they leave before August 31, they will need to return pass and they will be mailed refund from date returned or received to end of parking calendar year

V. Once on Campus

  1. Student must meet with Carol to complete the I9 form
  • needs to be done prior to or on the student's first work day
  • Student needs to bring appropriate documents - Originals, copies are not acceptable
  1. Student needs to get Campus ID card 
  2. Issue office keys
  3. Issue apparel and name tag

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