Manifest - Request a Manifest Folder

Manifest groups are contained within folders. While you will be able to create Manifest groups, the folders that they reside in can only be created by Manifest Service administrators. This document describes the process to request a new folder. After the folder has been created it will appear in the dropdown list of folders that are available to you when you create new groups.

Before requesting a folder, consider if you already have a folder or if a folder already exists for your organization. You can browse groups in Manifest, or reach out to Manifest Support for help and we can match-make you with an existing folder. If you aren't sure about how to name your folder or where it belongs, see Manifest Group and Folder Naming Advice and Philosophy.

In addition, you may consider creating subfolders instead if it is applicable. While main folders Manifest can only be created by Manifest Service administrators, subfolders can be created by anyone with admin access to the folder it resides in. See Manifest - Working With Folders for more details.

  1. Log in to Manifest

  2. Click the Create new group button. The screen for creating a group will appear. Click the Request new folder button

    Alternative you can skip right to it: Click Here

  3. Enter the appropriate information in each text box. This includes a brief explanation of your business purpose for the group, describing what the group will have access to and why. You will also need to enter at least one contact email. The additional information is for naming the folder

  4. When finished, click the Submit Request button. A confirmation page will appear showing the information you entered into the request page.

  5. You should receive an email response within two business days. Feel free to contact to request the status of your request if you do not receive notification within two days.

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