Departmental VPN - Requesting a VPN Connection as a Network Administrator

This document explains how a department network administrator can submit a request for a DoIT-supported Departmental VPN connection.

If you are a department network administrator and are interested in setting up a local VPN connection for your department users, you can submit a request to the DoIT Help Desk. The Help Desk will then pass on your information to Network Services for processing.

Once you have gathered the necessary information, you can submit this information to the Help Desk by filling out a HelpOnline case or by contacting the DoIT Help Desk directly.

If a network administrator contacts the Help Desk to submit a request for a Departmental VPN connection, fill out a WiscIT case with the following information:

  • Name of the Departmental VPN
  • VLAN number
  • Four IP addresses to be used by the VPN device
  • Type of departmental authentication service
  • IP Address(es) of the department authentication servers
  • Username and password to be used by the VPN device
  • LDAP Search Path
  • Split Tunneling options
  • DNS servers the remote VPN clients should use
  • DNS domain name
  • Idle timeout
  • Temporary user username/password
  • Maximum VPN session time length
  • Firewall rules required

If a network administrator is unsure of a particular piece of setup information, it is not the responsibility of a Help Desk agent to understand the specifics of these items. If necessary, provide them with a case number and ask them to contact us again once they have gathered the required information.

Once the above information has been recorded in a WiscIT case, make sure the service is set to Departmental VPN and the type is set to Request, then escalate the case to Network Services.

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