Learn@UW/D2L - Submitting Files to a Dropbox

This document describes how students submit files to a dropbox in a Learn@UW course they are enrolled in.

You may submit a file from any of these sources:

  • Your computer
  • Your locker
  • A group locker (if available)
  • Your ePortfolio (an ePortfolio item will be submitted as a 'file')

First, rename your files, if necessary, so that the names contain no invalid characters. Refer to Learn@UW - Special Characters for File and Folder Names.

To Submit one or more files to a dropbox in your Learn@UW course, follow these instructions:

  1. Select the Dropbox tool. This brings up the list of available dropbox folders.

    Dropbox Folders

  2. Click on the name of the appropriate dropbox from the list of folders. This brings up the "Submit Files" dialog.

    Submit files

  3. Press the Add a File button. This brings up the "Add a File" dialog.

  4. To select a file from your computer:

    1. Select "My Computer".
    2. Press the Upload button.
    3. Navigate to and select a file from your machine.
    4. Press the Done button.
    Note: If your browser supports Dragging and Dropping files, you see the message Drop files here or click below! in the dashed box below. This means you can also select a file by dragging and dropping a file from your computer into the dashed box instead of doing steps b and c above.

    My Computer

  5. To select a file from your locker (or a group locker):

    1. Select "My Locker" (or "Group Locker").
    2. Navigate to the locker folder (if applicable).
    3. Select the file.
    4. Press the Done button.

    My Locker

  6. To select an item from your ePortfolio:

    1. Select "ePortfolio".
    2. Navigate to the ePortfolio item.
    3. Select the item.
    4. Press the Select Item button.


  7. If you wish, you can add another file by repeating step 4, 5, or 6 above.
    Note: If the folder has been set to allow just one file submission, you will not have the option to do this.

  8. Back in the the "Submit Files" dialog, enter any desired comments in the "Comments:" text box.

    Submit Files

  9. Press the Submit button. This actually submits the file(s) specified in the above steps and brings up the "File Upload Results" dialog.

    File Upload Results

  10. If you wish to upload more files, press the Upload More Files button and then repeat steps 3-9.
    Note: If the folder has been set to allow just one submission, you will not have the option to do this.

  11. If you wish to review the file(s) you have submitted, press the View History button.

    Submission History

Additional Notes

  • To find out at any time what files you have ever submitted, select Dropbox from the navigation bar to bring up the list of folders. The "Submissions" column indicates how many files you have submitted for each folder. If it's non-zero, the count is a link you can click to view the submission history for the folder.

  • You cannot, as a student, delete a file you have submitted.

  • If you submit a file with the same name as an existing file you previously submitted to the dropbox folder, the new file will have the same name as the old file.  It will not be renamed.  The more recently submitted file will have a later time stamp.  The previously submitted file will not be overwritten unless the folder has been set to overwrite submissions.

  • Use the Cancel button, as necessary, to avoid submitting the wrong file.

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