Video Equipment in 3139A

Instructions for Audio/Video and Conferencing Equipment in 3139

The remote controls for the TVs and the Polycom Video Conference equipment are in the cabinet in 3139 A. Arrange access through a DoIT Program Assistant or DoIT Logistics.

To Connect to Display via Wireless

To Connect to Display via HDMI Cable

  • Turn on displays.
  • Select HDMI 4 with Input key.

Video Conferencing

  • Please see Polycom Video Conferencing Quick Tips, including remote control instructions.
  • Turn on displays.
  • Select HDMI 1.
  • Place the microphone(s) near the people who are speaking. There is a second microphone which can be daisy-chained to the first microphone. The second microphone is used when there are numerous participants or when 3139B or 3139B and 3139C are included in the conference.
  • There are two cameras. Cameras are selected with the video input switch on the remote control, or by using camera presets. Preset 1 is Camera 1; Preset 2 is Camera 2.
  • Camera 1 is mounted to a shelf on the wall to the left of the left display.  Camera 1 is used in situations where all the participants face the displays.
  • Camera 2 is mounted in the ceiling in 3139 B. Camera 2 is used in situations where a presenter stands and faces the room. Camera 2 can only be used if both 3139A and 3139B are used for the conference.
  • The Polycom HDX 8000 video conference system is capable of two channels, one for the group or presenter and one for the presentation (like PowerPoint Slides).
  • The presentation computer can be connected with a video cable.Alternatively, on Windows computers only, you can share your content wirelessly with the program People + Content IP. You can download it here
  • Calls may be placed using URI, DNS name, Global Dialing Scheme (GDS) number or IP address. Please see Video Conferencing General Information (link below) for more information.
  • When your conference is done, please put microphones, cables and remote controls away in the locked cabinet.

Cable TV

  • Turn on Display.
  • Select Antenna with Input key.

Tech Info

Extron ShareLink 200 N is

  • behind the left TV
  • Data jack DB113
  • s-cssc-3100c-1-access Gi1/0/37
  • MAC 0012.5f0e.f28a
  • IP

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