Running the Pay Progression Report in HRS


This report is required by the campuses/divisions to determine which employees should receive pay rate increases for pay progression.

Process Considerations:

  • Roles that access this report:  UW HR Reports and UW Batch HR
  • This report is used to view a list of employees who meet the criteria that qualify them as potential candidates for pay progression, sorted by Empl ID within Department.
  • The report includes all University Staff Ongoing (CP) and University Staff Project - FT Finite (CJ) employees in eligible titles with rates below the defined rate (Threshold Rate).
  • Staff must determine eligibility for a pay progression increase based on the Compensation Plan or bargaining unit agreement (if applicable) provisions and the employee’s job history (this could include changes from the old Legacy HR System), and enter a Job row with the new compensations rate if appropriate using Action = Pay Rate Change, Reason = Promotion/Progression (003).
  • CJ employees typically will not have an Adjusted Continuous Service Date.
  • University Staff Project - FT Finite (CJ) employees appear on the report. Non Represented (CJ) titles were eligible prior to go-live of HRS (title specific). (CJ) Eligibility changed for titles that were Represented as of 01/01/2012 and became eligible. Note: Schedule 14 and 15 CJ employees were not eligible for pay progression as of 01/01/2012 but became eligible as of 06/30/2013.
  • This report displays the Action/Reason of “PAY/003” for those who received a pay progression rate increase in HRS since go-live. Note: this does not appear if a progression adjustment was entered and the person also had a reallocation to a new job code. In these situations, job data history should be reviewed.
  • There is no mechanism at this time to remove an employee from the report who has received all the eligible increases but remains below the threshold rate.


  • Cypress inboxes at the beginning of each month.  Report is titled UWHRR017 Pay Progression Report
  • Ad hoc, with As-Of-Dates as early as the February 10, 2011 go-live date.
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1. In HRS, navigate to UW HR Reports > Pay Progression Report

2. Enter the Run Control ID on the Find an Existing Value tab that you wish to use to run this report and click the Search button. 
A Run Control ID is the name assigned to parameters for a report.  The Run Control ID save report parameter settings used for running the report and can be re-used the next time the report is run.

If you do not have a Run Control ID, you can create one.  See Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS for additional help.

3. Once the Run Control ID is selected or created, enter the Report Request Parameters.

  • Enter As of Date (or leave blank for today's date)
  • Enter Department (e.g. B%, B48%, B4833%, B483300, or leave blank for all departments)
  • Choose Empl Class Selection (Empl Class CP, Empl Class CJ, or Both CP and CJ)

4. On the Process Scheduler Request screen, "PSUNX" should default as the server name.  Type and Format as "Web" and "PDF" should also default and not be changed.  Click the OK button to run the report.

5. Click on the "Process Monitor" hyperlink to view the status of the report.

6. Monitor the "Run Status" and "Distribution Status" fields by clicking the Refresh button.  Once the "Distribution Status" field changes to Posted, click on the Details hyperlink.

7. To view the report output, click on the "View Log/Trace" hyperlink on the Process Detail screen.

8. Click on the PDF file under the File List header to view the report output.

9. The report output will appear in the format below.

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