Endnotes to plain text Word

Quick guide on how to set up a Macro that will convert a Word document's endnotes to plain text, preserve the number placement in the document, and not change the formatting.

1. Open the document to be changed and press ALT-F8 to open the Visual Basic editor window. Type a name for your Macro. (The name can not contain spaces or certain characters, recommend "endnotetotext") and press "Create".

    Copy the following script into the editor: 
      Application.ScreenUpdating = False
      Dim nRng As Range, eNote As Endnote, nRef As String
      With ActiveDocument
        For Each eNote In .Endnotes
          With eNote
            With .Reference.Characters.First
              .Collapse wdCollapseStart
              .InsertCrossReference wdRefTypeEndnote, wdEndnoteNumberFormatted, eNote.Index
              nRef = .Characters.First.Fields(1).Result
            End With
          End With
          If .Range.EndnoteOptions.Location = wdEndOfSection Then
            Set nRng = eNote.Range.Sections.First.Range
            Set nRng = .Range
          End If
          With nRng
            .Collapse wdCollapseEnd
            .End = .End - 1
            If .Characters.Last <> Chr(12) Then .InsertAfter vbCr
            .InsertAfter nRef & " "
            With .Paragraphs.Last.Range
              .Style = "Endnote Text"
              .Words.First.Style = "Endnote Reference"
            End With
            .Collapse wdCollapseEnd
            If .Characters.Last = Chr(12) Then .InsertAfter vbCr
          End With
        For Each eNote In .Endnotes
      End With
      Set nRng = Nothing
      Application.ScreenUpdating = True

      (Note: the script above does not include the beginning and end of the macro, < Sub endnotetotext() > . Just paste the text into the middle of the text block in the macro editor. The picture below has the entire macro text pictured)

      4. Save and then Run the macro. It may take a moment or two to run depending on the document length. (The "Play" button highlighed below is how you run the macro.)

      In the future, to run the macro on other documents, click on the View tab, then Macros and then run the "endnotetotext" macro.

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