Shop@UW - Dell Departmental PC Purchasing Program

This document will provide an overview of the Dell purchasing program for departments through Shop@UW, as well as instructions for use.

Dell Departmental PC Purchasing Program

Departments may order Dell computer products through the MDS e-commerce site, Shop@UW. MDS will collect payments and submit your order to Dell electronically, and your computer equipment will be shipped directly to the address you specify.

Why Would I need to use this site?

With Shop@UW, departments can take advantage of the e
ntire Dell catalog, choosing to customize Dell models for things such as hard drive, memory, warranty, etc. Furthermore, departments looking to order a large quantity of machines, including standard configurations, will also want to place their order through Shop@UW.

To browse and order Dell computer products, visit the Shop@UW website. Instructions for logging in to Shop@UW and navigating the Dell punch-out page follow below.

There are three ways to order Dell products:

  • Premier standard configurations and general catalog - Provide a wide selection of Dell products available through Shop@UW. Standard configurations, designed for the needs of the UW-Madison campus, are available at great discounts.  Departments may also create their own system builds from a selection of other Dell products through the full catalog.
  • eQuotes - The easy way to order! You can customize a system to your needs, save the configuration as an eQuote, and then place the order yourself or have someone else do so within 30 days. You can save any Dell shopping cart as an eQuote without an MD number; simply follow the instructions for guest access to Shop@UW below
  • DOMS / QTO Quotes - For large orders, or those involving servers and storage, you can use a DOMS or Custom Quote, formerly Quote To Order (QTO). DOMS quotes should be utilized when ordering:
  • 20 or more identical desktop computers 
  • 10 or more identical laptop computers 
  • 3 or more servers and/or storage arrays
In order to request a DOMS or Custom Quote please email our Dell Representative Michelle Fulk at with your request. If you already have a DOMS or Custom Quote and need to place your order, please see our detailed Instructions on Ordering DOMS / QTO quote through Shop@UW.

To place orders through Shop@UW, you (or your purchasing agent) must have an active MDS (Materials Distribution Services) account. Instructions for opening an account can be found at the account setup page. Procurement cards, DoIT numbers, and other forms of payment cannot be used directly with this system. If you have any questions about your MDS account or ordering through MDS, please contact Shop@UW customer service.

To get started choose an option below

The following instructions cover how to:

  1. Select your Dell products
  2. Save an eQuote
  3. Retrieve an eQuote
  4. Place your Dell order
  5. Create a new MDS account
  6. Check on the status of a Dell order

Select your Dell products


First, go to the Shop@UW site, located at

If you have an MDS account, enter your MD number and password, then click "enter". 

To browse Shop@UW without an MDS account, click the "here" link on the Guest Account line. You will then be prompted to log in with your UW-Madison NetID and password. 

To create a new MDS account, click the "here" link on the bottom line, and follow the instructions below.

select step 1


Logging in with either an MDS account or as a guest will redirect you automatically to the Shop@UW home page. 

Select the Dell button from the section titled "Shop at a Punch-out Supplier Site". 


You have now been redirected to the Dell punch-out site. 

You will first be shown the Premier Standard Configurations—these have been configured specifically for the needs of the UW-Madison campus, and most specs cannot be customized.

You can also choose to shop the entire Dell Catalog of products.  In order to do this you will want to choose the appropriate selection from the "Shop" menu located at the top of your page.

We chose Shop>Laptops, Tablets etc.>Latitude for our purposes.


 You will now be able to browse a number of systems available to you.

Once you find a system you would like to customize, you will want to select the configure button located beneath it.


Here you can customize the specifications of your system by scrolling through and selecting from a number of upgrades.

As you customize, an up-to-date price and preliminary shipping date for your product will be displayed on the right side of the page. When you have finished customizing your product, click "Add to Cart"

You will now be shown your Dell shopping cart. If you would like to add more systems or accessories to your order, click on "Continue Shopping", and you will be redirected to the front page of the Dell punch-out site.

If you logged in with your MDS account and are ready to order, click on "Create Order Requisition", then follow this link for instructions on placing your order.

If you do not have an MDS account (and would like your purchasing agent to order your cart), or if you are not ready to buy yet, you can save your cart by clicking on "Save as eQuote." Click here for instructions and more information on Dell eQuotes.

Save an eQuote


An eQuote saves your Dell shopping cart for 30 days, for later revisions or purchasing. 

To save your eQuote, fill out the information located under the "eQuote Details" heading. The eQuote name and description can be anything, but they can help you distinguish between multiple shopping carts.

You may also fill out the information under the "Authorized Buyer" heading, to send your eQuote to your purchasing agent or another party.

When you have filled out this form, click on "Continue."


The following page confirms your eQuote. Make a note of the eQuote number for future reference. A copy of your eQuote will also be emailed to the address you entered on the previous page, and a purchasing agent, if you specified one. eQuotes are valid for up to 30 days from the date they were saved.

Retrieve an eQuote


First, you must log in to the Shop@UW site using your MDS account and enter the Dell punch-out site (see Select your Dell products, steps 1-2).

To retrieve an eQuote, click on "Quotes" located at the top lefthand side of the page. 


Enter the eQuote number, eQuote name, Saved By or Nominated Buyer in the box on the lefthand side of the page, and click "Find Quote."


This page will show your retrieved eQuote along with all of the details of your saved order. 

From here you or your purchasing agent will be able to choose "Create Order Requisition" on the righthand side and place the order using an MDS account.

Place your Dell order


To place your order you must have logged into the Shop@UW site with your MDS account and selected the Dell punch-out page before placing items in your Dell shopping cart (see Selecting your Dell products, steps 1-5) or have retrieved an E-quote (see Retrieve an E-quote, steps 1-4) and have clicked on "Create Order Requisition."

You will then be directed to the Trade Compliance page. Select the "I WILL NOT" radio button and click continue. 


This page will show you a detailed summary of your order. If you are satisfied with this information, click "Submit Order Requisition" to be redirected back to the Shop@UW site, where you can complete your order using your MDS account information.

Open a New MDS Account


Go to the Shop@UW site ( Click on the "here" link in the bottom line of the page.

create step 1


Click on the "Customer Number Request form" link.

create step 2


To set up an account for a UW-Madison department, follow the instructions under the "Type 1" heading. Click the "University Direct Funding Form" link, which will open a .PDF file that you can print, fill out, and return to the Shop@UW team. 

For other affiliated groups (such as UW-Extension) that wish to pay for orders with a procurement card or receive a monthly bill, follow the directions under the "Type 2" heading by filling out the form on this page. 

create step 3

Check on the status of a Dell order

Your order status should be available by one business day after placing your order.


First, you must log in to the Shop@UW site with your MDS account and enter the Dell punch-out site (see Select your Dell products, steps 1-2).

On the Dell punch-out site, click on "Support". You will be given a menu where you will want to choose "Order Support", followed by "Checking Order Status."

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