Identifying Voice and Data Jacks

This document explains how to identify data jacks and their corresponding numbers.

The following diagram will clarify each part of a wall panel for data and voice jacks: 

A - This is a voice jack and voice jack number. 1100B Refers to the patch panel that the wall panel is connected to. 027 is the actual jack number. "CAT 3" above the jack indicates the cable type that fits into the jack.

B - This is a voice jack similar to that of Jack A, the only difference being the jack number is 0028 instead of 027. 

C1 - This is the data jack that corresponds to the number in object C2. It will either say “data” or “Cat 5e” (again indicating the type of cable that fits into the jack).

C2 - This is a data jack number (corresponding with Object C1). 1100B again refers to the patch panel that the wall panel is connected to.  D239 refers to the actual number of the data jack (D standing for “Data”).

Note: The actual number of  data/voice jacks in a wall panel will vary; the location of jack numbers will always correspond to their respective jacks. 

If you have any questions about data jacks or jack activation, please contact the DoIT Help Desk. 

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