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This document gives an overview of Perceptive Content, a desktop software application that is used to access the Imaging Service at the University of Wisconsin. Perceptive Content is supported by UW-Madison's Divison of Information Technology (DoIT).
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Overview of Perceptive Content Imaging Software

Perceptive Content adapts to your business processes and ensures that all documents are secure, quickly retrievable, and tied to the files and applications you want, with comments and annotations as needed. Perceptive Content can also capture and manage data from e-mails, reports, and non-image file formats such as DOC and TXT. From the Perceptive Content toolbar, you can view, scan, process, and search for documents, as well as perform administrative configuration and management tasks for your file system.

Perceptive Content Components

The combination of technologies behind an Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) is as important as the foundation under a house. But the Perceptive Software technical platform is about more than just a strong base for your current enterprise content management needs. It's a complete set of doors, windows, framing, wiring, plumbing and locks that lets you add ECM capabilities as your business grows.

Perceptive Content Management Console

High performance is woven into every aspect of Perceptive Content, from a server design optimized for a wide range of processors, to a proprietary streamlined client-server protocol that outruns off-the-shelf alternatives.

The distributed system architecture of Perceptive Content spreads out the enterprise content management processing among multiple computers, avoiding the time-wasting user interface slowdowns and expensive process delays that more centralized designs are prone to. And to optimize your system configuration, Perceptive Content provides integrated performance monitoring tools.

Perceptive Content includes a set of patented, non-programmatic techniques called LearnMode for integrating enterprise document management with virtually any application delivered to a Microsoft Windows desktop or web browser.

LearnMode provides a point-and-click method for integrating Perceptive Content with your application, without writing a single line of code. Creating a linked, built-in connection between your software transactions and the documents that support them the Perceptive Content Client knows exactly which documents to retrieve, based on your work task, without requiring manual search steps.

Effectively capturing and managing documents and content is necessary to move an organization forward. But intelligently incorporating this incredible amount of information into the flow of business also is required to truly transform processes--making them more automated, accurate and agile.

Collect and process documents from a wide variety of scanning devices and directly from Windows applications with Perceptive Content desktop software capture products. Their flexible configurability supports both centralized and distributed document capture processes across your organization.

Perceptive Content Explorer, Management Console, Viewer

Workflow software unlocks the full potential of an Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS), distributing information anywhere it's needed across an organization. Sophisticated products also automate processing steps, simplify work tasks and provide real-time monitoring to advance any document-based business routine.

Optimized workflow eliminates the common obstacles that get in the way of sustained efficiency:

  • Manual, paper-based business processes are stifling productivity
  • Large amounts of information are untapped or being used inefficiently
  • Existing workflow is inflexible and changes are extremely difficult, costly

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