Medialink3 image manipulations

This document describes the various image manipulations that can be done to medialink images

URL structure of MediaLink items

Medialink URLs have several sections, some are required and others are optional.  

The image manipulations that can be done just by changing the URL are:
"thm" "thumb" or "thumbnail" -- creates a thumbnail of an image
Max Width
"w200" -- resizes the image to the specified number of pixels wide.  Any number can be used.  Values higher than the full-quality width are ignored and will output the original image.
Max Height
"h200" -- resizes the image to the specified number of pixels tall. Any number can be used. Values higher than the full-quality height are ignored and will output the original image.
Resize & Crop
"r400x600" -- resizes the image to the specified width and height.  The best fit is calculated and any additional height or width is cropped -- the end image will be exactly the dimensions specified.
Resize proportional
"p400x600" -- (basically equivalent to w400 and h600) this resizes the image without cropping to the best fit within the given size.  If the aspect ratio of the image does not match the specified dimensions, either the height or the width will be less.  For instance if you image is square, 800x800 and p400x600 is requested, the resulting image will be 400x400.
Crop from upper-left
ul_400x400 -- crops the image starting at the upper left.  No resize happens first -- this is generally used only with one or more resize options above. e.g., r400x600/ul_400x400 
Rotate clockwise
rc180 -- rotates the image clockwise by the specified number of degrees

These options can be used in any order.  When constructing the URL, the /s/ and category parameters should remain first, and the filename last, otherwise any manipulations are done in the order they are listed.

original image
resize to max 200 wide:
resize to max 300 tall AND rotate 90 degrees clockwise: 
rotate 180 and crop out the upper left 100px:  (since it was never resized, we just get the full size 100x100 corner)
but if it's also resized the crop happens afterward:

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