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Q: How long does it take WorkLoad Automation Services to complete my request(s)?
A: It all depends on the complexity of the request. Three days to a week is a good average. 

Q: How do I fill out a request form if I don't know all the answers?
A: In order for us to complete the request we do need as much technical information as you can provide. Should you not know the answer you need to find it out. You can always send us an email at and ask for help on a request. 

Q: What kind of work can WorkLoad Automation Services automate?
A: Any IT jobs, file transfers, reports, etc can be automated. Plus, it does NOT need to be located at the UW. As long as we have a user name and password for access we can automate it. 

Q: How do we fill out the Systems Engineering New User Form?
A: See the attached document for a guide. Production is and Non-Prod is


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