ASA Document 267. Motion - To Create a New District 261

Academic Staff Document #267 
March 19th, 2001

Motion to Create New District 261

March 2001 
Districting and Representation Committee



The Districting and Representation Committee moves that the Academic Staff Assembly create a new district for Category B instructional staff in L&S social sciences.


Due to a number of logical shifts within L&S Category B instructional districts over time, as well as overall growth, particularly during peak times of each semester (October and March), it has become necessary to create a new district. Logical shifts have been made to these districts over the past year or so in an effort to keep these districts within the size parameters of the ASPP. These districts tend to have dramatic size fluctuations over the course of each year, and it can be challenging to maintain a stable number of constituents in each district.

We now propose that a two-step reorganization of districts 263 and 266 be implemented. (Although we are describing the process as involving two steps, constituents will only be moved once.) This proposal has been discussed and approved by the appropriate representatives.

Step 1. Move L&S social sciences staff (19) who are not located in or near Helen C. White Hall from district 263 to district 266. This will reduce the size of district 263 to approximately 66 people. District 266 is currently unrepresented, and already consists primarily of staff in L&S social science departments and programs.

Step 2. Split district 266 into two districts, as follows: staff from Psychology and Social Work will form a new district– district 261 (44 people); all other staff will remain in district 266 (50 people).

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