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Perceptive Content Fundamentals - Content Viewer - Viewer Panes
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Perceptive Content Viewer

Content Viewer is a robust tool that controls all aspects of viewing scanned documents. The Viewer is the primary user interface within ImageNow.

Perceptive Content Viewer

This overview introduces the layout of the Content Viewer.

Viewer Panes

Perceptive Content Keys View

Content viewer enables you to view documents. The viewer appears when you double-click a document in Content Explorer. Because your ImageNow administrator can replace the title of the viewer window, the title may not be Content Viewer. In Content Viewer, the Page pane displays a resizable View of the document you opened. If the document includes one or more addendums, a notification banner appears above the Page pane. In addition to displaying the document, the Content Viewer can also display information about the document in the following panes. These panes appear when they are selected in the View menu:

  • In the Actions pane, you can perform actions on the Properties document such as emailing the document, exporting the if document to a file, faxing or printing the document, editing the documents properties, applying document holds, digitally signing the document, adding the document to a project or workflow, or launching the application that is associated to the document.
    If the selected document is in version control, the Actions pane includes an additional section that allows you to check out or check in the document, view version history of the document, and remove the document from version control.
  • In the Contents Search Results pane, if you have a licensed Content Server, the results of the most recent content search appear. The pane lists all pages in a document where the search string appears. You can display these pages sequentially by clicking the Next or Previous button, or display a specific page by double-clicking a row in the list.
  • In the Digital Signatures pane, if you have a Document Management license, you can view the details of any signatures on the document.
  • In the Forms pane, you can view electronic forms that allow you to capture additional data for the document you opened in ImageNow Viewer. You can then type data into the fields on the form you select.
  • In the Properties pane, you can display and update the document keys and custom properties that describe and define the document, You can also add a note to the document or updaten an existing document.
  • In the Related Documents pane, you can select a view in the Relationship list. The relationship View then runs automatically and shows all of the documents in ImageNow that satisfy the conditions defined in the related view.
  • In the Tasks pane, you can view the document-related tasks assigned to you as well as complete, return, or temporarily skip a task.
  • In the Thumbnails pane, you can double-click a different page of a multiple-page document to display it in the Page pane.

Depending on your privileges and the format of the document in the Page pane, you can perform additional functions, such as rotating, smoothing, inverting, or annotating, by selecting items in the View menu or clicking buttons on the toolbars.

Perceptive Content Annotation Bar

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