ASA Document 336. PDRC Ballot

Academic Staff Document #336

May 10, 2004



(Terms expire 6/30/2007)



Please Vote for Three Candidates


NAME                                     DIST             COLL/SCH/DIV


___    Donna Cole                            446                       GRAD


___    Julie McGivern                        260                       EDUC


___    Susan Huber Miller                  473                       BUS


          Barry Robinson                      461                       L&S


        David Werther                         494                       CONT STUD









NAME                                                DIST              COLL/SCH/DIV                   TERM ENDS


          Daña Alder                                                 447                     UHS                                6-30-05

            Sandy Bertics                                             414                     CALS                              6-30-05     

            Gisele Durham                                            497                    GRAD                           6-30-05

            Lisa Jansen                                                460                     L&S                                6-30-06

            Robert Stone Newsom                               120                     MED                               6-30-06

            Kevin Niemi                                                401                     CALS                              6-30-06


Candidate Statements



I have been an academic staff member for about 11 years. I have moved around campus quite a bit, beginning as an associate research specialist in the Department of Surgery at the CSC. I have also worked for the Departments of Psychology, Physiology, and Anesthesiology as a research specialist. I have held my current job as a research program manager II at the Waisman Center for the W.M. Keck Laboratory for Functional Train Imaging and Behavior for 3 years.

While I was in the Department of Physiology, I became the academic staff assembly representative for district 420. I also participated in the mentoring program. This was very beneficial to me as I learned a lot about career development and advancement from my mentor. Then in 2002, I volunteered to be on the Academic Staff Endowment Committee, which was an ad hoc committee to ASEC. I was elected in 2003 to serve out a one-year term on ASEC. As a member of ASEC, I have had a very steep learning curve since I never served on any standing committees of ASEC. I have also been the ASEC representative for the UW Regents meetings that are held once a month.

I am very interested in getting more academic staff involved in governance. I know that when I was an Assembly rep, I felt a real disconnect with the inner workings of governance. I did not know how to become more involved. I felt there was an inner circle and that I did not know how to “break” in...and now that I have served on ASEC, I'm trying to bring other staff into the mix.

The goals of the PDRC are very worthwhile. I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the PDRC and promote academic staff through educational opportunities and recognition. Thanks for your consideration.






I am a clinical associate professor and licensed psychologist in the School Psychology Program in the Department of Educational Psychology, where I teach and supervise students in clinical practice. I have been an academic staff member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 17 years. Prior to my current appointment, I worked in the Waisman Center Developmental Disabilities Clinic providing services to children with disabilities and their families.


My desire to serve on the Professional Development and Recognition Committee (PDRC) reflects my commitment to academic staff governance at UW-Madison. I served on the School of Education=s Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) as both an appointed and elected member from 1998 to 2003. I am currently serving as an elected representative to the School of Education=s Academic Planning Council. Through my service on these committees, I have learned a great deal about the critical and varied roles of academic staff on the UW-Madison campus, and I would like to continue learning about and addressing the needs of academic staff members at a campus-wide level.


In my work I have developed a strong interest in professional development, and I have come to appreciate the importance of professional development for academic staff members. I would like to make use of the knowledge and experience I have gained through my work in the School of Education by serving as an elected member of the PDRC. Particular areas of interest for me as a committee member would include: identifying areas of need for academic staff professional development, creating professional development opportunities for academic staff members, and examining the criteria and process of awarding academic staff professional development grants. Thank you for your consideration.





I am the Associate Director of the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at theSchool of Business. We are a federally funded Center through the U.S. Department of Education, whose mission is to globalize education at all levels, including K-12, and assist U.S. companies to excel in global markets. I have been a member of the academic staff since joining the School of Business in the fall of 1998. Prior to my current position, I worked for the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) for five years.


Since the spring of 1999, I have served on the Executive Board for the Madison International Trade Association (MITA), a local professional association dedicated to promoting a better public understanding and appreciation of the significance of international trade and fostering a standard of high ethical conduct in international business. During my five-year tenure on the MITA board, I served two one-year terms as Program Director, followed by consecutive one-year terms as Vice President, President and Past President. My position as Past President ends in May, 2004, which will allow me to dedicate time to the Professional Development and Recognition Committee.


I’m excited about the possibility of serving on the PDRC and promoting the concept of professional development and recognition for UW-Madison academic staff. The academic staff play a critical role on campus and it is important that professional development is encouraged, supported and recognized. I would be honored to participate as a committee member and feel that I have strong administrative, organizational and communication skills to offer as well as extensive experience from my leadership roles with the Madison International Trade Association.





Professional development has been identified as a priority for the campus by our chancellor. I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the PDRC during this particularly exciting period of time on campus. I believe my experience in the governance arena gives me a clear prospective on the opportunities and challenges that we may encounter. I have served as an Academic Staff Assembly representative and as chair and vice-chair of ASEC. In addition to my duties as Business and Public Relations Manager for University Theatre, I served on the Dean of Students Review Committee and the Provost Search and Screen Committee. I welcome the opportunity to continue my governance service.





I have been an outreach program manager and a philosophy instructor in the Division of Continuing Studies since 1993. I currently serve on the Committee on Academic Staff Issues for the Division of Continuing Studies, the Systemwide Extension Council, and the executive committee of the Systemwide Extension Council. I have served on the division’s Academic Planning Council and on many search and screen committees.


I have participated in many professional development opportunities offered by the university. In addition to an internship in the Office of Student Academic Affairs, I have benefited from the annual Manager/Supervisor conferences: “Promoting Effective Workplace Dynamics,” the annual Academic Staff Institutes, an administrative development program, as well as support for presenting philosophy papers at Oxford University, the University of Aberdeen et al. In 2002 he received a “Professional Continuing Educator Award” from the University Continuing Education Association.


Committed to the importance of professional development and well aware of the outstanding contributions made by academic staff, I wish to serve on the Professional Development and Recognition Committee.

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