ASA Document 348. Motion to add District 524 for Professionals/Managers in Med School/Opthamology and Visual Sciences

Academic Staff Document #348

May 9, 2005

Academic Staff Assembly Motion to Create a New District 524 for
Professionals/Managers in Med School/Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

April 2005
Submitted by: Districting and Representation Committee (DRC)


The Districting and Representation Committee moves that the Academic Staff Assembly create a new district, District 524, for Professionals and Managers at Med School/Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.


District 424 is currently the only district for professionals and managers at Med School/Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. Over time, this district has grown well beyond the size parameters (35-75) of the ASPP (13.02.C.2) and has been at this level for more than a year. As of January 2005, this district had 111 members. Growth over time supports the creation of a second district.

Current district 424 has members at nine different locations. DRC has developed a plan to divide the district into two separate districts of roughly equal size, according to a grouping of locations.

We propose grouping the locations together that are closest to the campus and grouping the outlying locations together. By doing this we can create two similar-sized districts. Specifically, one district would be comprised of staff located at WARF, CSC, MSC, and VA Hospital. We propose that this remain as district 424. The other district would be comprised of staff located at Science Dr (Research Park), 2870 and 2880 University Ave, 780 Regent Street and UW-Health East Clinic. We propose creating a new district, district 524, for these staff members. The resulting size of the two districts will be approximately 53 & 58, respectively.

Since there are no available district numbers in the 42x series that houses Category A Medical and Health CSC disciplines, we need to create a new 100's level district. Since the 500 level districts have been reserved as future expansion districts, it seems logical to make the new district 524 as an expansion of the 424 district.

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