ASA Document 388. PPPC Annual Report 06-07

Academic Staff Assembly Document #388

10 September 2007

Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee (PPPC)

2006-2007 Annual Report to the Academic Staff Assembly

Job Security:

Sent to all academic staff a flyer describing the annual mandated review of employees with five

or more years of academic staff service for increased job security (new or increased rollinghorizon

or multiple-year appointment or new indefinite appointment; see Academic Staff Policies

and Procedures 2.05). The flyer was sent in conjunction with the memo sent to

deans/directors/supervisors reminding them about this annual mandated review.

Reviewed the school and college job security reports for 2005-2006 and followed up on

questionable reasons for denying job security to employees with five or more years of academic

staff service.

Prepared results of the 2005-06 job security review for distribution in Fall 2007 to the Academic

Staff Assembly, Committees on Academic Staff Issues (CASI’s) and the Madison Academic

Staff Association (MASA); to be posted on the Secretary of the Academic Staff website and

published in Wisconsin Week.

Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP):

Reviewed and approved language for the new Academic Staff Communication Committee.

Continued a line-by-line review of ASPP, reading for clarity, coherence, and consistency with

current practices; consulted with the Academic Personnel Office as necessary; drafted revisions;

completed chapters 1-3 and 5 (partial).

Distinguished Prefix Guidelines and Report:

Reviewed and approved revisions to the UW-Madison's Distinguished Prefix guidelines

Reviewed the Distinguished Prefix Review Committee annual report.

Area Review Committees:

Reviewed at ASEC's request the current structure of four area review committees (ARCs);

solicited opinions from the current ARC chairs.

Reviewed the four Area Review Committees (Administrative/Student Services/Library,

Biological/Medical, Humanities/Social Science, and Physical Sciences/Engineering) annual


Academic Staff Appeals Committee:

Reviewed the UW Madison’s Guidelines for Complying with Wisconsin’s Open Meeting

requirements for the Academic Staff Appeals Committee for possible revision to their operating



Reviewed and sent revisions of the PPPC web pages to the Secretary of the Academic Staff to

update the website.

University of Wisconsin Academic Staff Assembly Document #388

Madison 10 September 2007

Committee members:

Mo Noonan Bischof, co-chair

Bruno Browning

Sandra Guthrie

Jeanne Hendricks

Greg Iaccarino

Carla Love, co-chair

Marsha Mansfield

Amy Pritchard

Rebecca Ryan

August 28, 2007

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