ASA Document 396. L&S CASI Annual Report 2006

Academic Staff Assembly Document #396

11 February 2008

L&S CASI Annual Report 
Academic Year

CASI Members: 
Barbara Clayton, Sharon Kahn, Belinda Velazquez (co-chair), Bill Heiss, Victor Macaruso, Ruth Olson, Liane Kosaki, Gary Sandefur (co-chair), Maggie Sullivan (ex-officio), Sara Ziemendorf

L&S CASI web site:

L&S CASI meetings: 
The L&S CASI meets once a month as a whole committee. We meet on the First Tuesday of every month form 9:00 to 10:30. We are fortunate to have dean Gary Sandefur be a full participant at the meetings.


Standing subcommittees on appointments and elections: 
Ruth Olson, Sharon Kahn and Sara Ziemendorf 
This committee is composed of all departing members and one continuing member. The committee’s responsibility is to set timelines to seek nominations for election and to coordinate the process. The committee also seeks nominations for appointments to the L&S CASI. Once nominations are submitted, they are submitted to the dean for selection of appointments.

Subcommittee on visibility: 
Victor Macarusso, Ruth Olson, Belinda Velazquez 
This committee was created to explore ways to increase our CASI’s visibility among academic staff, to encourage academic staff to inform us how we can better meet their needs and on what we need to bring back to our dean.

Ad Hoc committee on Performance Reviews: 
Bill Heiss, Sharon Kahn, Sara Ziemendorf, Victor Macaruso, Maggie Sullivan 
This committee was created as a result of the survey conducted in the spring of 2006. The results of the survey highlighted the need for a better understanding of the purpose for conducting a performance review and clarity of the process, which varies greatly from departments and units. The committee reviewed many performance review tools adopted by various departments and created a document called: College of Letters and Science Academic Staff Performance Review Procedures. The intent is to encourage more uniformity in the process and better communication between academic staff and supervisors. The committee completed their work in May, 2007, with the creation of a new document that the dean will share with chairs and directors during their meetings.

This will also be distributed to all academic staff in L&S via email and available on the L&S CASI web site.

Activities accomplished:

1.Posted survey results on the web 
2.Instituted two listening sessions with the dean, held once a semester 
3.Conducted L&S CASI appointments and elections 
4.Created the document: 
College of Letters & Science Academic Staff Performance Review Procedures

Activities for 2007-2008:

1.Participate in the Benefits Fair by having a table and answering questions for academic staff. 
2.Conduct a listening session with the dean in the fall and the spring. Seek questions or topics of concern in advance. 
3.Sponsor a brown bag on Promotions and Base Adjustments for academic staff. 
4.Share the document with chairs and directors; and disseminate to academic staff: 
College of Letters & Science Academic Staff Performance Review Procedures

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