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In this document, we will review the Request Activation and Request Inactivation process. A user requesting activation/ inactivation of a document does not have permissions to activate/inactivate a document in the subsite where the user wishes the document to be published.

Requesting Document Activation

A person without publish rights may edit a KB document, and then, can indicate that it's time to Activate the document by clicking on the Request activation radio button.Click the Submit button to save changes. The user without publish rights may set the status of a document to In Progress, In Review, Request activation and Request inactivation.

KB document editor screen showing the doc status options highlighting the request activation option

Clicking on the Request activation radio button and clicking Submit will open the following activation request screen:

Request activation screen with From, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and Note fields

The author of the document being requested is automatically Cc'd. An Admin can set the Document In Review Reminder at the Site Pref  tab> Notifications-Document In Review Reminder section. Admins can set the reminder email to deliver anywhere from 2 hours to 30 days. The email specified in the Reminder To email field will be the email address in the To: field of the activation request screen. 

Documents in review reminder options screen highlighting a note saying that reminder to emails are also used for activation and inactivation requests

Admins opening the Documents tab, which defaults to the Documents In Review screen, will see documents whose Status is in Activation Requested highlighted in pink and at the top of the list. Admins can then view the document within the In Review queue Admins selecting one of these will see a set of document actions that allow them to submit comments to the requester and/or owner. Admins can also Publish or decline the request and notify the requestor. Documents events are also generated for the request and subsequent actions. From there, Admins can edit the document and set it to Active.

Documents in Review screen highlighting two documents with the activation requested status

Requesting Document Inactivation

To request inactivation of a document, a user without Publish rights need only select the Request Inactivation radio button at the bottom of the editor mode in the document in question. Clicking on the Request inactivation radio button sends an an email.

Document status options highlighting the request inactivation option

Admins wishing to review the documents which are in the status of Inactivation Requested need to got the Documents Tab and click on the In Progress link on the left navigation bar. The document(s) are highlighted and found at the top. The Status of the document will read Inactivation Requested.  Admins can then view the document within the In Progress queue. Admins can remove site access and Document events are also generated for the request and subsequent actions.

Documents in progress screen showing a document with the request inactivation status

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