Support for Microsoft EES Software downloaded from the Campus Software Library

  1. The best way for faculty and staff to install Microsoft Office for their own use on any UW- or personally-owned computer is by downloading from
    • You always have the latest version.
    • Neither MAK nor KMS activation is required.
    • You get access to the full Microsoft 365 Pro Plus feature set.
    • Easy click-to-run installation.
    • You can install and use software with exactly the same feature set on both UW- and personally-owned devices. (Always get the approval of your IT support staff before installing software on UW-owned computers.)
  2. Department IT staff managing multiple installations of Microsoft Office and Windows on UW-owned machines can download and use the installers available on this page (below). If you don't see them and you are IT support staff managing multiple machines, please email your NetID to to request access.
    • KMS activation for Windows and Office for Windows requires a connection to the wired UW-Madison network at least once every 180 days. If you'll be working off campus for long periods of time, you should consider MAK activation for both Office and Windows. Please email for assistance.
    • IT staff can also build custom Office installers using the Office Deployment Tool.

More Office Info

Other differences between Office installed from Microsoft 365 and from the ISOs on the CSL:

  • Office installed from the ISOs on the CSL (UW-owned computers only; Office 2021 is the latest version):
    • The usual options are available when you click the Customize button during installation:
      • Select which previous-version Office applications to remove. You can remove all, some, or none.
      • Select which Office applications and tools to install.
      • Specify where to install Office.
      • Set user Information (name, initials, organization)
    • Activation:
      • While connected through UW-Madison's wired network (and when connecting through WiscVPN), activation happens automatically through UW-Madison's KMS server. You must connect at least once every 180 days for Office to stay active.
      • If you're using a UW-owned machine that won't connect to the network at least once every 180 days, you have the option of using a Multiple Activation Key (MAK), which provides a one-time, permanent activation from Microsoft's servers. Email for assistance.
      • The Office ISOs on the CSL should be used for installation on UW-owned machines not associated with an individual (such as those in computer labs). They may be used for installation on any UW-owned machine.
    • You may associate Office with your UW Microsoft 365 account by signing in through Office, but it's not required.
  • Office installed from the Microsoft 365 portal (UW- or personally-owned computers):
    • All the apps available for your platform are installed.
    • Updates happen automatically by default.
    • Office activates automatically through its connection to your UW Microsoft 365 account.
    • You can install Office on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets (Windows, iPad, and Android), and 5 phones ( Those devices can be either UW- or personally-owned.
    • Please see this link for info on Office, Visio, and Project compatibility.

More Windows Info

The Windows images available here can be used to perform either a full or upgrade install. However, the computer must already be licensed for one of the qualifying Windows OSs. For example, you could not use these images to install the OS on a computer built from scratch, since that computer would not be associated with a full Windows OS license.

Microsoft introduced the Education edition with Windows 10. As of 08/14/2015, the differences between Education and Enterprise were minimal, and that remains the case:

  • Enterprise does not have Easy Upgrade from Home edition, and Education does.
  • Education does not have access to the Long Term Servicing Branch, and Enterprise does (requires installation from an LTSB image).
Microsoft might introduce more differences in the future.

Students can get a free Windows 10 Education key and download link for installation on personally-owned computers from the CSL after clicking on the Microsoft for Personally-owned Computers link. Students can download the Installation Guide here.

This is the CSL's URL:

To better assist you with any issues that may occur when downloading software, all downloads are linked to a NetID.

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