Communications Committee Minutes 10-12-12

Minutes ASCC monthly meeting

October 12, 2012 from 11:30 -12:30 pm

Room 4413, Sterling Hall – Thanks Jen for setting this up


Committee Members for 2012 – 2013

Sonya Sedivy, Mark Lilleleht, Bob Ash, Peter Kleppin, Alice Pulvermacher, Laurie Silverberg, Diane Doering, Laura Gallagher and Jennifer Dykema


Interns for Fall Semester 2012

Hannah Curley and Ashly Baccus


Present at meeting: Ashly, Hannah, Mark, Peter, Laura, Diane, Jen and Alice



       1)      Report from Bob on the HR redesign subcommittee findings/progress, etc

·      Unfortunately Bob had a last minute schedule conflict so was unable to attend the meeting

·      He sent an email to the committee providing a brief update

       2)      Update on AS profiles- Ashly and Hannah

·      Ashly and Hannah, will conduct 5 interviews of AS from various depts. And in various roles

·      Jen D is sending Ashly and Hannah the name and contact info for the 5th interview - John Stevenson

·      Ashly and Hannah will contact John S to schedule his interview

·      Ashly and Hannah will prepare profiles as they complete the interviews and will send to the committee for review and feedback

·      Peter and Alice will give final review and submit to Secretaries office for posting on the AS website

       3)      Report out from Ashly and Hannah regard website

This led to a healthy discussion by the entire group – identifying the following:

·      Need to make it more organized

·      In repeated cases navigation requires a few clicks to get to articles/information

·      Need to keep in mind how to make the upkeep and updating of the site sustainable

·      Has to be a responsive web design

·      Make sure the template is usable

·      Need to be thinking forward on how to read the site on a tablet/phone

·      What can we do with the resources and structure we have

·      One option is we could create a landing page and then send users on to other links e.g. send on to benefits office, etc

·      Ashly and Hannah will create a set of written recommendations and include ideas on how to sustain and update the site e.g have interns review site and fix broken links etc

o   Include screen shots in the review to provide an example

o   Include websites that they do recommend as good models or URL’s as good examples etc.

·      Ashly and Hannah will present website recommendations at the December meeting 

       4)      Discuss whether or not to conduct a survey and if so define the purpose and scope 

·      Seems to soon to figure this out

·      Should wait to hear what Jeff Shockler has to say next month

·      May want to have some focus groups first to develop and identify the content areas

·      Hypothetical:

o   If we want to do a survey in April the back end of this would take ~6 weeks prep

o   Typical survey like this stays open ~3 weeks

o   If survey is given by mid-April we can analyze results finals week

o   So we would need to get a plan in place at the ASCC February meeting and nail down the focus of the survey in order to follow this hypothetical timeline


Discussed recruiting Interns for spring semester:

·      Ashly and Hannah may make recommendations

·      Peter will talk to Bob Schwoch for ideas – Ashly and Hannah’s advisor

·      Could also talk to Deb Pierce - Ashly’s Intern faculty sponsor for ideas


Our November 16th meeting will meet in Schreiner Hall rm ? . PLEASE note the meeting location change for this month only.



Upcoming meeting dates: The Friday immediately following Academic Assembly meetings.  December 14, January 18, February 15, March 15, April 12 and May 17

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