Communications Committee Minutes 5-17-13

Agenda ASCC monthly meeting

May 17th from 11:30 -12:30 pm
Room 105, Ingraham Hall

Committee Members for 2012 – 2013

Sonya Sedivy, Mark Lilleleht, Bob Ash, Peter Kleppin, Alice Pulvermacher, Laurie Silverberg, Diane Doering, Laura Gallagher and Jennifer Dykema

In Attendance: Sonya Sedivy, Mark Lilleleht, Bob Ash, Peter Kleppin, Alice Pulvermacher, Diane Doering, and Laura Gallagher


  1. Reminder - Social is June 20th at 4:00pm at the Union Terrace to thank our outgoing members Sonya Sedivy, Mark Lilleheht and Jen Dykema
    - We will invite the new ASCC members to join us and welcome them into the group
  2. Update on the AS sitemap presentation to ASEC and next steps on the website
    - The site map has been approved by ASEC with two suggestions:
    i-   To recruit volunteers to test the site while developing it
    ii-  To explore using the DoIt Knowledge Base system
    -  Knowledge Base is really a data base system
    -  It can be used for archive materials and policy documents (but not in pdf form). It is not practical for active use of additions/changes
    -  It is strongly recommended NOT to host the site externally as you have no guarantees you can claim back the site (get access to it and control it) and it is easy to lose track of things. With DoIt we can use NetId without needing to create new accounts
    -  It is recommended to use a Stock template such as UW wordpress design
    -  UW Wordpress theme gives you the basic look and structure and it can be modified for functionality and asthetics
    -  Next steps:
    -  Get estimates from Learning Support services, DoIt and Tim Chatman (private contractor Laurie S used for the Dept of Jewish Studies) to present to the Secretaries office. The secretaries office will need to decide who to hire and we will move forward with the work.
    -  Alice will see if Laurie can work with her on this.
    -  Bob will talk with Brian Rust about where the AS site is currently housed and what it will take to move it somewhere else? He will also inquire about DoIt wordress and find out if it can be in a location so DoIt can take care of general wordpress updates.
    -  Need to figure out how the site will be updated and consider this in how it is constructed. (The intention is for the site to really have more static information at this time).
    -  We need to pay by a requisition (June 7) or by a purchasing card (June 21)
  3. Nominations and selection of co-chair for 2013-2014 (to replace Alice)
    -  Bob Ash Self-nomination
    -  Diane Doering – Diane self-nominated and Jen D nominated via email
    -  Motion that Bob will be the co-chair
    -  Moved by Mark
    -  Seconded by Sonya
    -  Approved for Bob to co-chair the committee with Peter Kleppin for 2013-2014 year
  4. Welcome new members at the social and plan an orientation
    -  Peter will reach out to new members to set up an orientation meeting with Bob (new co-chair) and the new committee members below
    -  Nancy Mitchell – Education
    -  Nicole Truog – SoHE
    -  Kerry Hill – Division of International Studies

We will meet again in September

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