FIDO: Fido information page [fido_test_info.cgi]

Fido information page [fido_test_info.cgi]
Look for the 'FIDO" hyperlink near the top of the main fido page. fido_test_info.cgi displays the following information

column description
Test Name: A link to an ASCII dump of the status file for the given report
state description
OK test is reporting within its expected time period
STALE test is reporting, but not within its expected time period
MISSING test report is missing is from the reports directory
start: When the program started
last_update: Report file timestamp
last_cycle_time: Amount of time, in seconds, the last iteration of the test took
items: a textual summary of what is being watched. Hyperlink gives a detailed list of what is being watched
report: this is incremented after each cycle per test
threads: when applicable, how many CPU cores are dedicated to the task
stale: When state is changed from OK to STALE, in seconds. This is calculated based on the current time. This value is typically twice the reporting period
data: Links to ASCII dumps of test information. These values are hard coded into the tests themselves

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