CAE Services for Student Organizations

By request, this is basic information about the services and resources that CAE provides for registered student organizations in the College of Engineering.

Student Org Accounts

There are two types of student org accounts, group accounts, such as BadgerLoop, and member accounts. Below, you will find information about each one.

Student Org Accounts

Each registered student organization within the College of Engineering is entitled to its own CAE account. A Student Org Account is a shared account that Student Org Members can access with their CAE credentials. The account members are controlled by the president of the student org. Each Student Org Account provides a group filespace where members can store and share files. 

  • If a new student org is registered, the Student Organizations & Engagement Manager can request an account for that student org.
  • When the student org account is created, the president of the org should be designated and will get the login name and password. This can only be used to access the group's account page and is used to manage members.
  • The account must be renewed annually. Email is sent to the student org's email address with a reminder and information on how to do this.

Group Access

Upon the account creation, there are no members. The Student Organizations & Engagement Manager can add the president of the org, who can add other members by following these instructions: This only needs to be done once, though you can use the same procedures to edit group membership as desired to keep things current. To set up group members, first be sure you know everyone's CAE login name, and then follow the directions to add members.

If a student org account password needs to be changed, it has to be done with the assistance of the Student Organizations & Engagement Manager, and must be requested by the president of the student org or the faculty advisor. 

Creating new Student Org Member Accounts

Most student org members will be students in the College of Engineering and will not need to have an account created. They will simply need to be added to the group to access the filespace. There are times when a non-engineering student joins a RSO and an account must be created. The Student Organizations & Engagement Manager can do this by following these instructions and choosing Student Organization Member:

Accessing Student Org Filespace

Filespace is for storing student org files and can be accessed in several ways:

  • On a CAE Windows lab computer, look in the H: drive (studentorgs folder) and find your group's file folder. You will only see resources that you are allowed to access, so the list won't be excessively long.
  • On a CAE Linux lab computer, go to /groupspace/groups/studentorgs and find your group's file folder.
    To map the drive on computers outside CAE labs, the path is \\\groups.
  • Through a web interface, go to, on the left side, expand Groups, then studentorgs.

Some helpful tips:

  • Resetting the password - As stated above, If the student org account password needs to be changed, it must be requested by the president of the student org or the faculty advisor The request should go to the Student Organizations & Engagement Manager.
  • Adding/removing members - see above, or this KB doc:
  • CAE will never ask you for your password, ever. Do not ever give it out, ever.


If you need assistance, please contact the CAE Help Desk ( Even if we are not the right ones to answer your question, we can direct you to someone who can!

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