CEBC Meeting Minutes 01-21-14

CEBC Meeting Minutes

Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

February 18th, 2014

12:00PM - 1:30PM

Room 5121 Grainger

Convened at 12:00PM

1. Meeting minutes logged by Marc Turnes

2. Review minutes from January 21st, 2014.

3. Jenny brought to CEBC's attention the impending referendum to increase the fees gradually for Rec Sports facility use over time. This referendum is related to student fees but there will also be an increase to faculty / staff fees related to it. The increase has not yet been determined at this time.

4. Jenny reviewed a development regarding a Vice Chancellor for Research position being developed. A draft should have already been relayed for discussion to the University Committee and this will be going up for discussion in March and April in the Faculty Senate. The primary concern is funding for such a position insofar as it may impact various areas' contributions to the position's funding.

5. Promotional Title Survey - Brief review of the ASEC commentary; The general sentiment is that the comments strayed from the original purpose of the survey (to inform HR Design of Academic Staff title issues) Marc will be sending out the original document to get commentary from CEBC which should be relayed to the group by 2/26/14. Marc will also be consulting with Jen Dykema in order to get this started in Qualtrix as the Survey Center offers 1 hour consults with UW staff making surveys. The goal is to have a finished / near-finished product by the end of the month.

6. Pay Tools Portfolio - A revised draft was presented to the committee for review. The Pay Tools chart has been presented to ASEC previously but the Key Points has yet to be presented.

7. Steve Stern came to talk with the Committee with regard to the Pay Tools Portfolio as the document is largely based on content he had worked on. He advised against equity/market adjustments as well as high-demand because of the difficulty involved in pursuing these methods and the lack of actionable data and instead suggested that increasing the quantity of promotional titles would be a better way to address these issues. He also suggested to work with the next Provost as the success of the Pay Tools Portfolio needs a champion to truly be successful.

8. Spoke with Steve regarding the Promotional Title Survey to solicit feedback on what would be useful. He suggested Jen Sheridan may be a good contact for additional research along these lines. He referenced a survey question that was particularly poignant from a previous survey -- "Do you plan on leaving the University in the next 5 years?". "Are you willing to undertake training on new systems?" may also get at that issue. In Steve's perspective the important issues are quality of retention and quality of engagement. Pay and other benefits as they relate to these issues would be the most beneficial from his perspective.

9. Steve also spoke regarding Multiple Roles indicating that a revision to our existing policies is inevitable but might not be immediately tractable in the UC.

10. The Multiple Roles White Paper is still in development. After Steve's suggestion we will be reducing our focus on pushing this forward aggressively to focus on issues that are more immediately actionable. We need more data in order for this our efforts with Multiple Roles to be effective.

11. Future Meetings: March 18th - Grainger

Meeting adjourned at 1:25PM.

Committee Members: Jenny Dahlberg Sharon Gehl Maya Holtzman Jason Jankoski Mats Johansson (absent) Russell Dimond Marc Turnes Nola Walker (absent) Denise Zang

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