Communications Committee Minutes 1-7-11

Academic Staff Communications Committee

Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2011

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

302 Teacher Education Building Agenda

Present: Sonya, Alice, Bob R., Bob A., Greg, Mark, Brian

1. Minutes from December 10, 2010 meeting were reviewed and accepted. The minutes are here.

2. Bob R. and Brian attended the ASEC meeting on 1/6/11 to discuss the memo ASCC sent to ASEC about our role. ASCC appreciated our recommendations and are open to our suggested topics and drafts of viewpoints. Proposed (and agreed) that we should devote future meetings to address a key issue or two for ASCC. They will include action for AS. Topics might include:

a. Implications of all the eligible retirements (Should I retire? How do we retain inst knowledge?)

b. Changes to furloughs and implications for work stoppage, moonlighting (in or out of the UW), etc.

c. changes to health benefits and implications

Ongoing: who AS are and the importance of our org (what benefits should people realize)

Later ¿ Current status of union clarification, and what it means for AS

3. ASCC submitted a proposal for an Academic Staff Branding project to School of Journalism and Mass Communications. It was rejected. Now Donna is considering what other options they have to get it addressed. Should ASCC do it? Greg will look into it.

4. Next meeting February 11 at 11:30 in 302 Teacher Ed.

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