Course Search & Enroll - Add & Enroll in Classes

Step-by-step guide to add and enroll in classes using Course Search & Enroll.

Please note: Some information or screenshots on this page may not reflect the new functionality and design changes that were implemented in Course Search & Enroll on May 20, 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience.


“Add a class” and “enroll in a class” follow the same steps. “Add” is often used to describe picking up another class after you have already enrolled in the majority of your classes for a term.

Quick steps:

  1. Log in to Course Search & Enroll
  2. Choose a term
  3. Search for the class
  4. Choose the section(s) that fit your schedule
  5. Follow instructions for choosing number of credits (if this is a variable-credit class)
  6. Save the course to your cart
  7. Resolve any validation errors (which explain why you may not be eligible for the class)
  8. In the cart, select the class
  9. Select the ENROLL button
  10. Review your enrolled classes in the “Enrolled” list on the “My Courses” tab to confirm that you have successfully enrolled in the correct section

Enrollment Steps:

Log in to Course Search & Enroll

Log in at MyUW and select the Course Search & Enroll widget.

Course Search & Enroll tile

Choose a term and search for the class

Course Search & Enroll may display the Schedule of Classes for more than one term, so be sure to select the correct one.
You can either search for a class and add to cart or, if you have a five-digit class number, you can add by class number.
For more information, see Course Search & Enroll - Searching for Classes.

Save Course

Use one of the SAVE COURSE buttons to select your class.
You can “Save Course” before choosing your sections (for example, if you want to use the Scheduler to try some different weekly class schedules) or after you have chosen your preferred sections.

Save course in search tab
Save course in section tab

Go to your cart

Select the “My Courses” tab at the top of the screen.
The icon will show how many classes are in your cart for the selected term.
As you added courses to your Cart (from the Search tab), the campus’s enrollment system has checked that you are eligible to take these courses. An alert icon will show if any classes in your cart have validation errors.

error “Problems with course” and error “Sections not chosen” validation messages

When there is a reason why you can’t go forward with enrollment, you’ll see a validation message to help you make a change. Common situations include not meeting the requisites for the class, needing permission to take the class, or exceeding the number of credits allowed in the term.
The cart will also remind you to choose your section(s) for the course.

Validation messages in cart

Remove class from cart

In the cart, select the checkbox for the class. Select the REMOVE button that appears above it.

Remove course from cart


When you have resolved any validation messages and chosen sections for your classes, and your enrollment appointment time has arrived, you are ready to enroll.

Enroll in all classes in the cart: Select the three-dot menu in the cart. Select the Enroll all button that appears.

Enroll in all courses

Or, enroll in one class. Select the checkbox for the class. Select the ENROLL button that appears above it.

Enroll in selected courses

In the pop-up window, review any options for classes, like opting to get on a wait list if the class is full, or taking the class for Honors. When ready, select the ENROLL button.

Review enrollment options

error “Enrollment failed” messages

When there is a reason why enrollment failed, you’ll see a validation message to explain the problem.
Common situations include trying to enroll in a course in which you had already enrolled, or exceeding the number of credits allowed in a term.

Course enrollment failed

View your enrolled classes

View your successfully enrolled classes in your Enrolled list in the My Courses tab.

View enrolled courses

Add by class number

You can directly add classes to your cart if you have the five-digit class number.
  1. In the Search tab, select “Add by class number” in the search panel.
  2. In the pop-up box, type the five-digit class number.
  3. Select “Check credits".

    Enter a class number

  4. Select “Add to Cart".

    Add to cart

  5. Complete enrollment as described above.

Error message

If you try adding by class number and get an error message on the bottom of your screen that reads "That class number was not an enrollment class number", you either:
  1. Mistyped the number (try again); or
  2. Are using a class number that isn’t the enrollment class number for that set of sections.

    That class number was not an enrollment class number error message
A class that has a lecture, a discussion, and a lab will have a different class number for each of those sections (see Example #1 below).
One of those class numbers works with the “Add by class number” feature. The other numbers don’t.

Find enrollment class numbers in Course Search & Enroll

Open the class' section detail and look for the class numbers (listed under “Section Numbers”).
If you want to jot down a class number for later reference, choose the last class number in the list.
  • Example #1. Use LAB - 18047 as the enrollment class number for this set of CHEM 103 classes:

    CHEM 103 class numbers

  • Example #2. Use LEC - 27735 as the enrollment class number for NURSING 323, which has a lecture but not discussions or labs.

    NURSING 323 class numbers

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