Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 08-20-15

Approved 8-27-15
ASEC Minutes
2:00 – 3:45 p.m. Thursday, August 20, 2015
67 Bascom Hall

Members Present:  Bruno Browning; Aaron Crandall; Trish Iaccarino; Sarah Kuba; Heather Mc Fadden, Chair; Michael Moscicke; Kevin Niemi; Deb Shapiro
Guests: Carl Hampton, Matt Kussow, Kirk Malnor, Claudia Mosley, Patrick Sims, Jake Smith

The meeting was called to order at 2:03 p.m.

The minutes of August 13, 2015, were approved with one correction.

Guests: Patrick Sims, Vice Provost for Climate and Diversity
Patrick discussed how to move forward with the implementation of the Diversity Framework working committees.  The key question to focus on is how to capitalize on what is already happening on campus.  There are three phases of implementation over a period of 10 years.  One initiative that is happening right now includes working on a campus-wide survey on climate.  The preliminary plan is to launch a survey this spring.  The survey will include all students and employees.  Another initiative being worked on is the Diversity Inventory Project to document and possibly quantify campus commitment and resources.  All the initiatives do not need to be led by his office.  

Patrick also discussed the idea of a small group of governance representatives to use as a sounding board for his office.  The group would meet 1-2 times per semester.  He asked ASEC to provide him with 1-2 names.  

Guest: Matt Kussow, Director of State Relations
Matt introduced himself to ASEC and also gave a state relations update.  The university is fully engaged in the issue of fetal tissue research.  The first action on this bill could happen in September.  ASEC shared with Matt their plans regarding fetal tissue research including a letter to the editor and resolution by the Academic Staff Assembly.

General Reports
•    ASEC Chair Heather McFadden reported that, during a meeting with Mark Walters and Patrick Sheehan, there was a brief discussion of possible changes to FLSA.  The minimum salary to be considered exempt from overtime would more than double to $50,400.  There are approximately 2,000 academic staff below this salary level, and all would become hourly employees eligible for overtime if the changes are enacted as written.  There are also implications regarding employee groups and titling.  Mark said that there would be an ASEC representative on the advisory committee for the titling study.  UW-Madison will be partnering with UW System on this project.  
Heather M. has sent the names for the Vice Chancellor for University Relations to Carole Kolb.  There is a letter to the editor regarding fetal tissue research that is being authored by two academic staff researchers.  It will be available for review at ASEC next week.  Academic staff will be able to sign the letter electronically using NetID or via email.  She will ask university staff governance if they want to be included as part of this as well.
•    Secretary of the Academic Staff Heather Daniels reviewed upcoming guests and asked ASEC for other additions.  There seems to be some confusion regarding the School of Medicine and Public Health and Permanent PI status.  Heather D. has been working on some literature to be distributed to academic staff PIs.

Liaison Report
•    ASPRO-Kevin Niemi reported on a one-hour meeting with UW System President, Ray Cross.  According to President Cross, the tenure task force decisions will have a major impact on academic staff.  He has promised to share drafts as the task force creates them.  The Board of Regents may soon consider changes to indefinite appointment policy.  Heather D. reported that UW-Milwaukee contacted her regarding the UW-Madison policies and procedures for indefinite appointments.

•    Recap of priority meetings
ASEC felt that the meetings went well.  They liked the two-day format and using SMART goals.  Heather D. will send out the completed grid to all standing committees and ask them to decide whether the priorities laid out for their committees are achievable and reprioritize as needed based on their capacity for the coming year.
•    September Assembly Meeting
ASEC reviewed the September agenda.  They also reviewed a draft resolution on fetal tissue research.
•    Next ASEC Meeting, August 27, 2015 – for decision
-September Assembly Agenda
-Shared governance discussion
-ASEC priorities discussion
-Guest: Patrick Sheehan, Office of Human Resources

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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