Professional Development and Recognition Committee Minutes 8-14-13

PDRC Meeting Minutes
August 14, 2013    
10:30-11:30 am Union South

Attendance:  Colleen Barrett, Amy Hawley, Elisabeth Foster, Bob Agasie, Curtis Ryals, John Klatt, Ralph Grunewald
1. Announcements
2. Automatic Consent Business – Minutes for May 2013 -- approved

3. Standing Sub-committees report

o PD grants- Robert and Danielle
Bob and Danielle met with Joanne and Doit regarding the online submission system.  Changes were prioritized, but it was unclear if they would be implemented as there was no clear commitment to fund the changes.  Training will be modified to improve the system in the short term, and will work on the big fixes for the long term.  The announcement for grants will be made in the second week of sept.  

o Executive Education Grants – Colleen
No updates, Ralph will take over the chair position for this committee.

o Awards – John
Leah was slated to take over the chair position, but is no longer on the committee due to taking a position outside of the university.  John is willing to guide a new chair during the process, but cannot take on the chair duties.  John will contact Leah for more info regarding moving up the awards timeline, and will schedule a meeting with the secretary’s office to discuss timing and workflow.  The committee agreed all the awards announcements should be sent in sync.  Elisabeth has agreed to take over the chair position.

4.  Committee business
o Elect PDRC co-chair—deferred to next meeting
o Elect chairs of subcommittees:
PD grants- Danielle as chair, Amy as co-chair
Executive Education grants- Ralph as chair, no co-chair
Awards-  Elisabeth as chair, no co-chair
o Set meeting times-  Doodle poll was sent, 2nd Tues at 10-11 am
o Leah’s departure, New members-  New members announced
o Finalization of SOP’s
o Funding request update
o Following-up on committee decisions.-working groups will be set up to follow-up on committee decisions

5.  ASEC updates
o Prioritization meeting-  The committee agreed that our priorities are 1. Maintaining the Humanities Award for Excellence, 2.  Obtaining more PD grant money, 3.  Fixing the online submission system, and 4. Increasing committee membership to 16.
o Liason-  Kevin Niemi announced as PDRC liasion
o Website updates -  ASEC’s website upgrade was announced

5.  Other business
o Releasing detailed PDRC grant data    
“A couple of us reviewed our emails and were able to generate a list of grad school recipients from the last 6 funding cycles. This partial information seemed valuable for the brown bag and I would encourage wider dissemination of the list of recipients and home depts. I believe this sort of list exists for awards, but not grants(?) This data might encourage greater participation and help celebrate this investment in employees. “
•    The committee agreed it is not the responsibility of the committee to do this type of analysis, and that this information would not likely be helpful to the applicants as awards are not given on the basis of departements, but on the quality of the applications which varies every year.

o Timing of Awards    
“I have a question regarding the academic staff professional development grants.  It appears to me that the applications are due in April and are meant to fund activities that would occur between July and December of the same year.  I am interested in applying for a grant to attend a course in facial reconstruction that is scheduled for October 2013.  I realize that I have missed the deadline for applications, but I would like your input on the specific dilemma that I am experiencing.  The advertisement for this course did not come out before the deadline for the applications in April.  Therefore, as I understand the process to occur, I could not have applied for the grant for this particular course.  This course is part of a larger conference and is not offered on a regular basis and in the future, if the course is offered again, it would never be advertised prior to the application deadline.  Therefore, as you can see, I would never be able to apply for the grant for this particular course.  What I would like to ask is if the grant could potentially be offered to reimburse for a course?  In other words, if I were to take the course in October 2013, could I apply for a professional development grant next year (2014) to cover the expenses of the course retroactively?  Thank you for your time and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.”
•    The committee agreed that we could not provide re-imbursement for such activities, and that the PDRC grants were meant to support standardized events or activities.  The committee suggested applying for the conference in general or find the course of interest being offered elsewhere.  Money cannot be set aside because it is not certain this situation would arise or for how much, and we would lose money not awarded.

o Year end report-  Scott will finish the year-end report from the previous cycle

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