Learn@UW/D2L - Troubleshooting the Export/Import Process from Learn@UW/D2L Gradebook to Student Information System

The Learn@UW eGrade process allows instructors to export student Final Grades from their Learn@UW course gradebook and import these grades into their Student Information System (SIS). The UW System campuses have the ability to use this process are:

Reference Learn@UW - Submitting Electronic Grades from Learn@UW to your Student Information System (SIS) for instructions on how to set up a Learn@UW/D2L gradebook for exporting Final Grades from a Learn@UW course and importing them into the campus Student Information System (SIS).

This document presents possible issues and solutions which could occur when moving Final Grades from the Learn@UW/D2L gradebook to the Student Information System (SIS).

Troubleshooting Learn@UW eGrade Export Process

  1. ISSUE: The instructor does not have a radio button option under the gradebook Import/Export tool to send the final course grades to their SIS. They only see 2 radio buttons, to import from CSV or to export to a CSV.
    • Make sure the gradebook has a Final Grade column with letter grades in the column. If this is not the case, update the gradebook accordingly and then check whether the radio button option for sending final course grades to SIS exists in the gradebook Import/Export tool.
    • If the gradebook does have a Final Grade column with letter grades, and the radio button to send grades to SIS still does not display, then the Instructor should contact their campus Site Administrator to check the role permissions for that instructor.

  2. ISSUE: After clicking on the EXPORT button to send grades to their SIS, the instructor gets a "Not Authorized Message."
    SOLUTION: The instructor's role in the course requires certain permissions. The instructor should contact their local Learn@UW/D2L Site Administrator. They will need to check that the instructor's role has the following permissions at the course level under Manage Roles and Security:
    • In the Grades section, Import and export grades, and Export grades only, are selected.
    • In the SIS Holding Tank section, Export from gradebook to SIS is selected.

  3. ISSUE: Instead of a success message after clicking the Export button in the gradebook to send grades to their SIS, the instructor received a 500 error.
    SOLUTION: This error can occur when the servers are experiencing high usage. Try again after waiting a short time.

  4. ISSUE: The instructor received a Success message after clicking on the Export button, but does not know what to do next.
    SOLUTION: The instructor should wait several minutes, then log into their SIS to import the grades and approve them.

Note: It is important that the instructor clicks the Export button in Learn@UW/D2L and wait for a response before quickly re-clicking the Export button. If the Export button is selected multiple times in a rapid manner, inconsistent behavior can result in the created grade files, such as missing grades.

Troubleshooting Learn@UW eGrading SIS Import Process

  1. ISSUE: After exporting grades to their SIS from the Learn@UW/D2L gradebook, and waiting several minutes, the instructor does not see an Import button in their SIS.
    SOLUTION: Contact your local campus Learn@UW/D2L Site Administrator.

  2. ISSUE: The instructor clicks on the Import Learn@UW/D2L button in their SIS, but no grades are imported.
    1. Confirm that the students have letter grades in the Final Grade column in the Learn@UW/D2L gradebook. If not, enter the letter grades or apply a grade scheme, re-do the Export from Learn@UW/D2L, wait several minutes, and re-try the SIS import. For more information on creating your Final Grades, refer to: Learn@UW - Submitting Electronic Grades from Learn@UW to your Student Information System (SIS).
    2. Confirm that the Final Grade is based on the adjusted grade if you are using a grade scheme. For more information on creating your Final Grades, refer to Step 3 of: Learn@UW - Submitting Electronic Grades from Learn@UW to your Student Information System (SIS).
    3. Confirm that the instructor clicked on the Export grades button in the D2L gradebook, and received a Success message. If they did not, have them try again.
    4. Did the instructor wait about 15 minutes after Exporting before trying to import the grades into their SIS? If they did and the grades still do not appear, have them Export from Learn@UW/D2L one more time, wait several minutes, and then try their SIS import again.
    5. Did the instructor click on the import grades button in their SIS? If they did not, remind them to do so.
    6. Is the course mapped? The instructor should contact their local campus Learn@UW/D2L site Administrator to confirm that the course is mapped. If it is not, the Site Administrator should map the course, run MovetoD2L and have the instructor try exporting and importing again. Another option is for the instructor to manually enter grades using their SIS self-service function.
    7. If none of the above solves the problem, the instructor should contact their Learn@UW/D2L Site Administrator. This person should work with their Peoplesoft Technologist for further trouble-shooting.

  3. ISSUE:The grade files imported, but some students are missing grades.
    • Check that all students have letter grades in the Learn@UW/D2L gradebook.
    • Re-export the grades from Learn@UW/D2L. Make sure that you click on the Export button once and wait for a response. Wait several minutes, then re-import in the SIS. If grades are still missing, enter the missing grades directly into your SIS, then contact your local campus Site Administrator to report the problem.

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